VNS blocks sell square off in BT/BZ group to avoid short selling for intraday in Trade for Trade group because only delivery-based transactions are allowed in group thereby ensuring that there is no short delivery selling. (When you try to sell Equity with the product code as CNC, the systems will check if you have these shares in your holding and let you sell only if you do.

This is a preventive action on the part of the exchange to reduce systemic risk arising from excess speculation. These groups can only be traded with CNC (for Delivery).



    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Raman,
      For intraday you are required to place buy/sell order and square off the order on same day itself. BTST is simply buying today and selling tomorrow. There could be a risk of short delivery. Kindly note that BTST is not allowed in Trade-to-Trade shares as mentioned in the above article. To know more about short delivery, kindly refer our knowledge base article on What happens in case of Short Delivery?.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Pawan,
      The shares purchased on 14th Feb will be delivered to you from the exchange by 16th Feb as equity shares settlement cycle is T+2.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Domnic Dsouza,
      CNC: This order type is used while taking shares Delivery. CNC stands for Cash And Carry.

      NRML: Used to carry forward/Overnight position in F&O, Currency Derivatives and Commodity Futures. NRML stands for Normal order type.

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