Swing APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a program which enables one software application to speak to or interact with another. For example, a flight booking aggregator site or a hotel reservation portal.

Trading APIs allows traders to interact with a third-party trading platform. They help the traders to connect their trading application to the algorithmic execution platform located at the broking partner’s end, which in effect will connect with the exchange. Trading APIs are specifically beneficial for traders who wish to run algorithmic models on their own trading systems and be able to perform trades.

Swing APIs is a set of simple HTTP APIs (also known as Rest APIs). It provides complete data required to build your own customized trading application aligned to your individual trading needs. You can execute orders in real time, manage user portfolio and much more, with Swing API.

API documentation

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Key Features of Swing API

  • Tailor-made trading platform

    The USP of Swing API is that you can develop your own frontend trading platform, customized to suit your requirements. You will not need to restrain yourself to a generic front-end. Swing APIs use the OpenSSL library for the purpose of encryption or decryption.

  • Access to complete trading cycle

    With Swing API, you can do all trading related activities. You can place and execute order, access order history, view order status, positions and holdings, fund information, live quotes, market watch, etc. and that too from an interface of your own choice.

  • Third Party Integration

    You can seamlessly integrate your own trading platform with third-party software and applications of your own choice.

Install the device few easy steps.

Swing APIs
Swing APIs


Create an App on Swing (TradeSmart’s Trading Platform)

Swing APIs


You will receive the App Id, App Secret & Password (to be used for application token).

Swing APIs


The above details can be entered in your frontend application to access your TradeSmart trading account through the APIs.

(Please refer to the API documentation page to complete your integration).

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Common questions

Swing APIs are ideal for advanced traders or investor. Those who wish to create their own customized trading platform, deploy innovative trading strategies or align specific trading logic or requirements.

No. Currently the services of Swing API are completely free.

Swing API is compatible with all major technology stacks.

Yes. Algo Trading can be done with Swing APIs. The client needs to develop their own trade strategies and can place the automated trades through Swing API.

Important Note: As a broker, TradeSmart, does not offer trading strategies. They need to be completely developed or owned by the client. Moreover, the client needs to procure the concerned approvals (exchange related) for the deployed trading logic or strategies.

For any Swing API related issues or support, you can raise a ticket on the following link https://support.tradesmartonline.in/open.php and the team would promptly assist you.

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