Brokerage Calculator

Online Trading through TradeSmart was, is and always will be extremely transparent. Use the online brokerage calculator and calculate exactly what you will be paying under any of the brokerage plans that you chose to trade with us.



Other Charges




Net P/L


Turnover ₹ 0.00 Net Buy Value ₹ 0.00
Brokerage ₹ 0.00 Net Sell Value ₹ 0.00
Turnover Charges ₹ 0.00 Points to Breakeven 0.00
STT total ₹ 0.00
GST ? ₹ 0.00
SEBI charges ₹ 0.00
Stamp Duty ₹ 0.00
Total charges ₹ 0.00

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Benefits of Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage Calculator

Informed Decisions

This tool enables traders or investors to know the brokerage charges before they actually execute the trade.
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Brokerage Calculator

Compare Broking Partners

Brokerage Calculators play a crucial role in choosing between broking partners. They provide relevant information.
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Brokerage Calculator

Additional Charges

In addition to brokerage costs, these calculators also provide information about additional charges.
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Brokerage Calculator


Brokerage calculators also indicate the points required to breakeven in a transaction.

Common questions

We provide 2 unique brokerage plans. Trade @ 7 (Lesser Volume Traders) Trade @ 15 (Big Volume Traders) Know More

All the statutory charges and brokerage related to trading can be found in our Brokerage Calculator. Other charges not covered in the brokerage calculator can be found below: Particulars Charges (In Rs.) Demat AMC 300 plus GST Demat AMC for corporates 1000 plus GST Physical contract note / other statements etc 25 per contract note Read More

1. Equities Brokerage Calculator

This stock brokerage calculator shows the brokerage and other associated costs for intraday equity trading, delivery equity trading and F&O trading. The intraday brokerage calculator can be used for NSE and BSE trading. The F&O and share brokerage calculators also show the break-even point i.e. price point at which the net gains or losses (after taking into account brokerage and other costs) are equivalent to zero.

2. Commodity Brokerage Calculator

This brokerage calculator shows the brokerage and other associated costs involved with MCX commodity trading. It also shows the points to break-even.

3. Currency Brokerage Calculator

This brokerage calculator shows the brokerage and other associated costs involved in currency trading at NSE. You need to select the pricing plan (value or power plan) and specify the buy price, sell price, quantity (no. of lots and lot size for option brokerage calculator) to get all the relevant details including point required to break-even.

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