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TradeShaala is your one-stop solution towards learning the basic and advanced levels of the investment journey. Even if you have ZERO knowledge, you will be instructed with every single concept of financial markets that will help you grow your wealth.


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Investing + Trading

Learn both Investing and Trading techniques through well structured chapters, along with simplified videos.

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Interactive assessments are included in the form of quizzes, at the end of every module, to self-test your learning.

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Get recognition of your learning by earning the course completion certificate with TradeShaala.


Direct EquityDirect Equity

Learn the basics of the stock market and how you can trade. Get to know the why, when, and how to invest directly in the stock market.

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Mutual FundsDirect Equity

Kick start your learning experience with basics into Mutual Funds, understanding how to build a strong investment portfolio.

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CryptocurrencyDirect Equity

What is Cryptocurrency? Learn how to trade in the crypto world and understand the safe terms to know where and why to invest. If you’re like most people, when you think of cryptocurrencies, one of the first words you’ll recall is ‘Bitcoin.’ That’s quite understandable, because although we have a large variety of cryptocurrencies today, Bitcoin will always be the original cryptocurrency. In many ways, this was the currency that introduced most people to the world of blockchains and digital assets. Today, we’ll take a little trip back in time and trace the history of Bitcoin.

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DerivativesDirect Equity

Learn about derivatives and how you can trade in the derivatives market. Get to know how to trade options, swaps, futures, and contracts.


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