As per the exchange circular, brokers are required to review clients financial details and proofs periodically to allow clients to continue trading in derivative segments.

Any of the below documents will suffice as financial proof:

  1. Latest 6 months Bank account statement
  2. Latest 3 months salary slip
  3. Copy of ITR acknowledgment
  4. Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income

Below is the process to update your income details online from BOX back office login.

  1. Login to BOX 
  2. Click on your Name (Available at top right corner)
  3. Click on Upload Income details
    Income Details Screen 1
  4. Select your income range and upload the soft copy of any of the above mentioned financial proofs. (PDF, JPG, JPEG & PNG only). Please do not upload the password protected document.
    Income Details Screen 2

We will be sending the approval/rejection status via E-mail. If the financial proof you have uploaded is rejected, you will have to re-upload another financial proof by following the above procedure.

Important to note:

If the income level you mentioned to us is too low looking at your trading activity then the exchange may ask us to disable your account for derivative trading. On account of the exchange regulation, you are requested to update your income details with us to avoid any inconvenience to your trading.


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