About TradeSmart

TradeSmart is a venture of the larger organization, VNS finance and embodies the same principles of trust and transparency within itself. With a strong track record in the brokerage business for over 20 years, we at TradeSmart have no doubts about our success in the online business as well.

With the use of the latest technology and smartest automation with high grade security, we run a business model where our clients don’t have to pay too much and yet everyone walks out a winner. TradeSmart was formed with a single agenda in mind, to improve the experience of the users indulged in the trading business.

Our Story

VNS has been a member of NSE since 1994 and has a presence in full-service broking as well. Being passionate about technology, we are always on a lookout for opportunities to use tech and increase efficiency, reduce errors and cut down on costs. With the internet and smartphones becoming popular a focus on online trading was the obvious choice for us.

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Meet our team

It’s very easy to get to the top, but it takes significant effort to stay there. Which is why we strongly believe in developing a great team.

TradeSmart Team

Vijay Singhania


Blessed with an astute understanding of the markets, Vijay Singhania is one of the pillars of the organisation. His stint as a successful Chartered Accountant and his vast experience of over 30 years in the industry helps him guide the organisation to greater heights.

He is a member of British Institute of Management, UK and is also currently a part of the Executive Committee of ANMI (Association of National Exchanges' Members of India), besides being its President earlier. A confirmed foodie, he loves discovering new cuisines that tickle his experimental palate. Combined with his love for travel, he finds relaxation in Jagjit Singh's ghazals.

TradeSmart Team

Vikas Singhania


After pursuing MS (Industrial Engineering) and an MBA from Purdue University, Vikas Singhania brought a new level of technological understanding to our services. His experience in IT consulting and financial services helps the company offer strong support to its clients in realizing their investment goals.

A keen follower of the latest trends in technology, he is fascinated by both, gadgets and complex software applications. He also loves reading, travelling, skiing and listening to retro music.

Neha Singhania


An MBA in Finance, and in part a human calculator, Neha Singhania is known to use these skills to her great advantage while making business decisions irrespective of their size.

Brought up in a family imbibed with the spirit of entrepreneurship, she keeps the spirit of calculated and lucrative risk taking, alive. Having worked with VNS Finance since 2008, she also has shared interests in travelling and watching some insightful cinema.

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Why TradeSmart

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Why TradeSmart

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Why TradeSmart

Excellent support

Dedicated support team to answer all your queries via phone, chat, and email

Why TradeSmart

Tech Driven

Enjoy TradeSmart's cutting edge, fast and stable trading across devices.

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