Procedure to “Link to Excel” from market watch

Open NEST with administrator rights. Right click on the market watch and click on link to excel. Paste it on the excel.

If found error of #NA while Linking to Excel in Nest, Please follow the below procedure 

1. Open Excel with admin rights:

Follow the steps here to start your excel in admin right

Start Menu>>All Programs>>Microsoft Office>>Right click on Microsoft Office

Excel>>Properties>>Select compatibility>>In the Privilege Level, tick mark the “Run this               program as an administrator”.

2. After opening excel with administrator rights, click on Office button at the top left corner of the excel.

3. Click on excel options>>Select Trust centre>>Trust centre settings>>Trusted locations option in the left side>>Add new location>> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 OR Office 14>>OK>>OK>>OK

4. Restart excel

5. Open NEST with administrator rights.

Steps to login trading terminal in admin rights

Right click on the NEST desktop icon>>Run as administrator>>follow normal login procedure.

6. Follow the above procedure mentioned in “Link to Excel” from market watch.


  1. Rtrader

    Can I link my nest positions pnl data to be Excel and group the positions as per my strategy in excel to track the pnl of my options strategies in excel sheet. Is it possible?

  2. Raj

    I have OS 64 bit and MS office( window 10) and Excel 2016 ( 64 bit). Using Nez trader 64 bit to link excel, but excel giving N/A values. I have upstox account. Please help

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Raj,
      Ideally, the OS should be the same for Nest and Excel to use the “Link to Excel”. Please get in touch with customer support team of respective broker as it such could occur due to attributes or compatibility level.

      1. Raj

        Thank you. I couldn’t find for Option CHANHE in OI value. I can see only Open interest value in the watch list. Please let me know ow to get change in open interest values.

        1. TradeSmart

          Hello Raj,
          You may find the change in open interest values in the Snap quote/Depth. Please double click or press F6 on the options contract to open the Snap quote/Depth. In case you wish to add the change in open interest as a column in watchlist then please use DarkStocks (advanced desktop based application). Please refer to this link to know more on DarkStocks.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Neeraj,
      You cannot link Admin position to excel. You can only copy to the excel by right click on Admin positions > click on “Write to excel”.

  3. Ravi

    I have OS 64 bit and MS office 32 bit.
    I tried both Nest trader 32 bit as well as 64 bit, but both now able to link the data to excel.
    Please support …

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ravi,
      You are required to have the same configuration for NEST, Excel and your OS. If you have 64 bit OS then you need to have 64 bit MS office and 64 bit NEST Trader. Then you shall be able to use Link to Excel feature. If you still face the issue then please contact us at 022-61208000. Our customer service team will help you resolve your query.

  4. Satish Diwan

    I have done all the steps mentioned in link to excel from nest, but still my excel sheet continue to have ‘NA’ written. Pls help

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Satish,
      You must be having 64 bit OS in your system. For that you have to install another NEST trader that support 64 bit OS. Kindly call us at 022-61208000 Extn:2. Our team will provide you an another NEST Trader version and instruct you on Link to Excel feature.

  5. Venkatesh


    I followed the instructions given in this article for linking live data to excel…but all i get is #NA in excel…any help is much appreciated.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Venkatesh,
      Please check whether your PC is 32 bit OS or 64 bit OS. If your system is 32 bit then you should not face any issue. If your system is 64 bit OS then please contact our customer service at 022-61208000. They shall provide you another NEST Trader application which supports with your 64 bit OS system. Basically, your system OS should match with the NEST Trader type too. If yes then you should not face any issue in Link to Excel feature.


    Hello Sir,

    I was just going through ur post regarding the link to excel feature in nesttrader. I tried to link but the columns are full showing #NA. Can u please solve the issue. My whatsapp.no.94972-82865. Please msg me so that u can take my system online.


    Sonjoe Joseph

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sonjoe,
      As per your conversation with one of our executive, you do not have an account with us. To know how to use link to excel, you would require an ID and password to login and check this feature. Kindly open an account with us to be able to login NEST and apply link to excel settings.

  7. Sanjeev

    Hello Trade smart,
    I am facing issue #NA and I have tried infact everything.
    Is there anyway you can help me working ? Infact I took am instance on cloud & tried with multiple combination of Windows/Excel etc. no luck.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sanjeev,
      Kindly contact us at 022-61208000. We may have to take your PC on remote and check the issue and work accordingly.

  8. Sandesh Haware

    Market watch can be linked to excel to get live streaming of data. But how to link Order book and Trade book to excel to get data about orders if pending or executed for algo-trading?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sandesh,
      Currently you can only link market watch to excel and not order book and trade book. However, we shall look into it.

      1. Trade Smart Online

        Hello Varsha,
        Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the above article. In case of any issues you’re facing, kindly contact us at 022-61208000.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Viswanath,
      Placing orders through excel depend on your strategy. This varies from trader to trader. We would request you to search the info in google for the detailed information.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Sandesh,
      Hope you must have gone through the explanation given in the above article. Please let us know what is the error you are facing. We will look into it and resolve your query.

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