Collateral Haircut Calculator

Collateral haircut calculator of TradeSmart gives you an information on the amount of haircut the individual stock carries. Pay an attention on the haircur % before you pledge the shares.

Collateral for Margin Against Share

Margin against shares allows you to get exposure/margin against shares in your demat account by keeping them as collateral. Haircut is the percentage by which the market value of your pledged shares is reduced for the purpose of calculating the collateral value.

# Scrip Series Haircut%

Get More exposure with Margin Against Shares

Margin Against Shares

September 19, 2018

Margin against Shares (MAS) in Demat Account: Real Significance to Know

Stock brokers in India provide a plethora of services to their clients. Have you heard about an additional service called Margin against Securities/Shares (MAS)? What is MAS? ...

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