Direct Equity

Learn the basics of the stock market and how you can trade. Get to know the why, when, and how to invest directly in the stock market.


Introduction to Stock Markets

In this module, you will learn about markets, why do we need them. We talk about financial markets in specific and the need for stock markets. We see the basic laws of demand and supply that governs the buying and selling of shares in a stock market. This leads on to understanding the different participants in a stock market that ensure the smooth running of trades.

1. What Are Markets?

A complete guide to markets.

2. What Are Financial Markets?

Understand the types & the need for financial markets.

3. Market Stakeholders

Know the different stakeholders and their roles in the market.

4. What Are Indices?

A complete guide about the two main indices, Sensex and Nifty.

5. What Are Market and Business Cycles?

Learning about market cycles, how it works, and the different phases of market cycles.

6. All About IPOs

Learn all about Initial Public Offering to get started with IPO investment.

7. The Secret to Wealth Creation

All you need to know to understand "eighth wonder of the world".

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