1. Vijay

    I’m not getting any mail after Migration process complete and also there is invalid error for User I’d in Tradesmart 2.0

    Still Sine app using

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Your account is not yet migrated. This is under process. You shall be notified while migration. You may continue using the Sine app for now.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      You can click on forgot password for the login screen and get the new password to your email ID. If you still face any issue, please call us at 022-61208000, our team will reset the password for you.

  2. Prashant Kulkarni

    After migration I did not receive any mail regarding Password. Please send me on mail password so that I can continue trading.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Prashant
      Request you click on forgot password and proceed for login. Alternatively, you may call us at 022-61208000 to reset the password.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Hanumant,
      All your holdings and account balance will be transferred to the new application after the migration.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Prashant,
      You may drop an email at su*****@vn****.com to discontinue new app. Kindly note that we are in the process of migrating all our users to the new application. In the later stages, it will be mandatory for you to start using the new application. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

  3. Sanadiip Kumaarr

    Where can i find user preference settings in Desktop version of Tradesmart 2.0? Also how to place bracket order for index F&O?

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Sandiip,
      Please go to Help > Settings. Please let us know if this helps or if you are looking for something else.
      For placing bracket order, add the particular FNO contract in the market watch. Right click on that contract, select bracket order to place.

  4. neetesh singh

    Want to know that where to find app center in 2.0, in previous app it is there but in this app i cant find it, i have to link it with 1 cliq and need app id etc

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Neetesh,
      In the new app, the app center option is not available. Our team is working on this. By January you would expect the same in the new app. Currently you can shift your account to the old app again to continue using 1cliq.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Pramod,
      The back end of both new and old application are different. Hence, once the account is migrated to the new application, the old application will stop working.

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