We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new desktop application TradeSmart – your gateway to an unparalleled trading experience.

Download the TradeSmart desktop application from the link below.

Desktop application

Interested in TradeSmart mobile trading application features? Click here.

Key Features of the new desktop application:

  1. Option Chain (including weekly expiry for indices) with Order Placement
  2. Enable Cover and Bracket orders for NSE FO, CDS and MCX segments (Current available for NSE Cash)
  1. BSE Futures & Options and BSE Currency trading
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  1. Simultaneous login (Multiple login) to all trading platforms without being logged out
  2. Faster and improved Charts in all platforms including multiple charts in EXE i.e. Desktop based application.
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  1. Margin Requirements on place order screen even for hedged orders/positions.
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  1. Exit all positions in Single click from Position book
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  1. Surveillance Indicator for stocks which are under GSM, ASM, IRP, etc
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  1. Charts and Depth for Indices like Nifty 50, Banknifty, Finnifty, etc.

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  1. Extension in auto-square off timings to 3:20 pm (from 3:15 pm earlier)

Coming soon..

  1. iOS version and Web based platform
  2. Stock SIP: Purchasing a predetermined quantity of shares at specific intervals of time (monthly, quarterly) 
  3. Good Till Triggered: Orders placed once shall exist in the system till the price is hit, within one year.   

We’re dedicated to enhancing your trading journey. Kindly share your feedback and help us refine your trading experience on the new desktop app.


    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      No. Nest and all the existing platforms will not work after migration. You are requested to login to the new platforms only.

  1. Hussain

    In the Nest trader there is a feature to export the live market watch to excel. Will we be able to do that in the new software.


    sir u are stoping nest and dart stock software . but that are the best scanner and trading software . plz continue it.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      We are providing the same feature in the new trading application too gradually. Kindly login and keep checking for the notification to know the new features implemented.

  3. Anupama Mehra

    The client migration ought to have happened post explicit consent!!! Also, it would have been better to schedule the migration during the weekend to mitigate teething troubles, for eg. Post changing the password the user is indicated as ‘Blocked’!!! I guess it’s high time I shifted to a better broker!!!

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced during the migration process. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate your patience as we work to address any issues that arose. Regarding the migration schedule, we had communicated via WhatsApp that your account would migrate within the next 7 days. Rest assured, we are actively considering your suggestions for future enhancements.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      At present, the TradeSmart desktop app is compatible exclusively with Windows-based machines. However, if you are using a Mac, you can seamlessly access our platform through the web-based application.

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