Sr. No Particular  NEST
1 Intraday Exposure Maximum of 30x for NSE equity cash, upto 7x for NSE FNO and 6x for Commodity
2 Exposure in equity delivery Available upto 4x for NSE Cash (EquiMax Funding Facility)
Kindly note, EquiMax facility is temporarily suspended from 22-09-2017 till further notice.
3 Margin Against Shares Available in Cash, FNO, Currency. Not available for options buying, commodity and cash CNC product.
4 Instant Payment Gateway Facility 27 banks for instant fund transfer
5 Instant Fund Transfer Charge Rs.8 + GST per transfer
6 Faster NEFT Funds will be transferred withing one hour with no charge from our side
7 Cover Order Available to the segments under NSE exchange
8 Bracket Order Available to NSE cash, NSE  FNO
9 Segment Provided NSE, BSE, NSE FNO, Currency, MCX and NCDEX Commodity
10 Payout request can be placed from NEST Trader, NEST browser, Sine mobile app, Back Office
11 Holding can be seen from NEST Trader, NEST Browser, Back Office and Sine mobile application



  1. mahesh

    can we buy more than 100 lots of nifty in one go, here, under normal circumstances lets say i want buy 50,000 shares of 10500 put option i need to place in tranches of 7500, because nse has a max limit of 100 lots for nifty

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Mahesh,
      As per our Risk measures you are allowed to place only 7500 qty in one order for Nifty. Such arrangements are made to avoid unexpected fluctuation in the contracts due to high qty buying or selling. You are required to place multiple orders in case you want to buy/sell more qty. You may also refer our Knowledge base article to know the Maximum qty for other stocks.

  2. Ravikumar

    Is there any extra software charge for using nest .. i’d like to know about using spin as well.. please tell me about the procedure..

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ravikumar,
      There is no NEST software charge levied to you. However, there is instant fund transfer charge of Rs.8+service tax as mentioned in the above article. If you do not want to pay instant fund transfer charge then you can transfer through faster NEFT facility, ePay which would be done withing an hour.
      You may download Spin software and login with NEST credentials itself. Contact customer care at 022-61208000 for more information.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      You can trade from Desktop software, through Web-based or through Sine Mobile app. Install the software on your PC or mobile and you can place trades. You may also have received email on how to trade through NEST if you have shifted your account to NEST. Kindly let us know in case you need any assistance.

  3. Nemichand

    when shifting of account from NOW to NEST is done .will login ID and password remain will be isame or new set of ID and password will be issued

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Once shifting is done you will receive new passwords to login. Your login ID will remain same.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Hemanta,
      We would require two working days to shift your account from NOW to NEST terminal. We suggest you not to place trades during transition. You may submit your shifting request on Friday from BOX. Shifting will be done on Saturday so that you can trade on Monday without any hassles.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Hemant,
      Yes, charts are available in NEST trader. Login to desktop NEST software, in market watch right click on any stock. Click on Plugin Command. You will get to see chart of that stock.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Nemichand,
      There will not be any change. Your all holdings and funds will automatically get updated in NEST.

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