This may occur if your bank account has been debited but the status of your payment is not updated.

Payment Gateway: Payment gateway transaction is not received by us due to connectivity issues or closure of browser the cycle is broken in between. The status of such transactions is temporarily updated as ‘Request Sent’ under the ‘pay-in status’ link of your account.

Also please note, in case of NEST Payment gateway it will take minimum 48 working hours to verify the transaction details. Once verified, the client’s limit will be updated accordingly.

NEFT/RTGS: It depend on the RBI settlement cycle in which you might receive late payment due to some reason or there might be chances of fund reversal to your bank account.

Cheque Deposit: You may also receive a debit notification from your banker when cheque is deposited but you do not receive money to your trading account.

Further, in all such cases please e-mail us the screenshot of the particular transaction on [email protected]. We will endeavor to update the status of your transactions on best effort basis.


    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Your payin amount has been updated in your account. In case if you still find any issue, please let us know.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Anand,
      The amount has already been credited to your trading account. You may use our online chat facility available on our website, to get the faster response.

  1. Deepak Varma

    Hi, there.
    Payment of rs.9000 debited from back a/c but amount not reflected in tanding a/c.please solve this problem.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Deepak,
      The amount has been credited to your trading account. In case of such queries, request you to get the support from our online chat facility available on our website, for the faster resolution.

  2. Madhusoodanantv


    1. Bhanu Dinesh Jain

      I have transferred Rs.20000 from BHIM UPI at 9:17am on 10/07/2021, but the same has been credited in my trading account..
      Note there were total 3times I have transferred Rs20000 but only twice credited to trading account.
      Code: YMHB156

      1. TradeSmart

        Hello Bhanu,
        Thank you for sharing your concern. We have gone through our records and found that, the transaction of Rs.20000 which you had initiated through UPI at 9:17 AM on 9th June, 2021 hasn’t been credited at our end. As per the Razorpay records, the said payment has been “refunded” back to the same bank account through which it has been received. You are thereby requested to check the same with your bank once. Please write us at [email protected] along with your bank statement in case you haven’t received the refund. For your information, the reversal may take upto 2-3 working days depending upon the bank’s reversal policy.

      2. TradeSmart

        Hello Bhanu,
        You had given two attempts to transfer 20k. The amount of Rs.20k is updated in your account. Another transaction was failed. You may receive the refund to your bank account based on the reconciliation cycle of that bank. You can check your ledger to know the updated balance or email us your bank statement scan copy at [email protected] so that we can check the issue if any.

  3. Ankur srivastava

    Funds have been debited from my bank account but allocation in my trading account has not increased. Will my pending instruction be processed in such a case?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Satyam,
      Your account is inactive as you have not traded from long time. Kindly email us account activation letter to [email protected] along with scan copy of self attested pan card and 6 months bank statement. We have received 5000 amount. Once your account is activated, you shall receive Rs.5000 to your trading account. As the account is inactive, the payment cannot be transferred to your account.

  4. mohd shoaib malik

    Dear Team,
    I would like to inform that I have done a transaction(16-03-2020) of 1 Lakh in yes bank account Of VNS but that account has been switched.Amount has been debited from my account.
    SINE ID ( YUPM274). I am following to your customer care from last week. They said to me amount will be refund in 4-5 days. But it’s more than 7 days. Your customer service is pathetic non of your executive guiding me. It’s my whole amount to invest. so Resolve my issue as soon as possible.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Mr. Malik,
      Sorry for delayed reply as most of us are working from home. You may find some delayed response. Your account has been already credited with Rs.1,00,000. Kindly check your ledger from BOX back office. We would suggest you to use our online chat support available on our website to get the immediate response.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Suresh,
      Your payment of Rs.4010 has been credited to your trading account. Kindly check your ledger details from BOX back office.

      1. Kunwer sunder singh

        I have transferred 50000 rs through NEFT from my standard chartered Bank to vnsfydlm149 dmat account but the amount still not credited in my dmat account

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hello Kunwer,
          Sorry for the delayed reply. Your payment of Rs.50000 is been already credited to your trading account. Kindly check your ledger and let us know in case of any issue.

  5. Varadaraj

    Hi, there.
    Payment of rs. 2500 Twice debited from back a/c but amout not reflected in tanding a/c. Pls calrify.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Varadaraj,
      Your two payments of 2500 each, is been already credited to your trading account. Kindly check your ledger for more details.

  6. Harish

    How much time does it take (funds) to credit in my demat account……i have transfered in morning around 8:30 am amt of 65000

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Harish,
      Sorry for delayed reply. Generally, NEFT takes 3-4 hours to get credited in beneficiary account. Your amount of 65000 have been credited to your trading account on 2nd Dec. 2019. Kindly refer our another article on NEFT Process for more information.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Praveen,
      Kindly let us know the date and mode of payment. We shall check and get back to you.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ganesh,
      Rs.300 has been already credited to your account. Kindly login your trading terminal to check the balance. We would also request you to transfer the funds during business hours so that we can check the status and update you immediately.

        1. TradeSmart

          Hello Dipak,
          Your payin of Rs 500 has been credited to your trading account. You may login to your trading account to know the net available balance.

      1. TradeSmart

        Hello Dipak,
        Your payin request for Rs 300 has not been received to your trading account. It may have reversed to your bank account. Request you to contact your bank to know the status of the transaction.

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