1. Pankaj

    Clearing Charges are not Charged by any exchange for Futures and Option bu TSO charges for same and this we have make complain to SEBI and NSE against TSO.

    if u want file complain with me you guys can mail me [email protected]

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Pankaj,
      The clearing process is essentially a back-end process that includes settling the trades with exchanges through the clearing mechanism. For this process the clearing charge is been collected.

  2. Subramanyam

    Dear All Be cautious with this Broker. They charge Brokerage on IPO, Buy Back every thing.Moreover they say statutory charges applicable.But if you see the above table Statutory is only on delivery!!
    STT*/CTT 2500 10000 1000 5000
    Turnover charges 350 350 240 7150
    GST 63 63 43.2 1287
    SEBI Fee 10 10

    on buy back how it is applicable? They are over smart!

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Subramanyam,
      Hope there could be some confusion as far as charges are concerned. Currently we do not have IPO service, so no question of applying charges for IPO. For buy back there are no extra charge levied. As per the SEBI, nominal statutory charges will be levied on buyback bids, by all brokers. Kindly click here to know the list of charges applicable for various services.

  3. Ranjul Sarmah

    if i sell a bank nifty put options at strike 27400 and premium is 25 and square off at 20 , what will be the turnover charges.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Ujas,
      Turnover charge is charged by the exchange. All the brokers charge turnover charge and gives it to exchange.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Kataria,
      Please find percentage rates of turnover charge for all the segments.
      Equity intraday: 0.0035%
      Equity delivery: 0.0035%
      Equity futures: 0.0024%
      Equity options: 0.0715%
      Currency futures: 0.00165%
      Currency options: 0.06%
      MCX commodity: 0.0039%
      NCDEX commodity: 0.00375%

    1. Trade Smart Online

      The above article shows Turnover charge which also includes clearing charge in it. This is been charged by the clearing member. In Electronic Contract Note(ECN), it is mentioned after your trade details. Please let us know for any assistance.

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