1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      On the login page of the trading application you can click on forgot password and generate the new password. Alternatively, you can call us at 022-61208000 and ask our team to reset the password for you.


    HELLO Tradesmart,

    I have tried verifying by following the procedures given in this link (https://tradesmartonline.in/help/demat-account-queries/how-do-i-activate-my-dormant-account/)

    after clicking on re-activating the account and following steps till step 4, I had entered the otp received on email and mobile and the checks were completed and it redirected me to DIGI LOCKER VERIFICATION FOR Aadhar. However, on accepting T&C AND CLICKING ON AUTHENTICATE THROUGH AADHAR, IT REDIRECTS TO A PAGE SAYING “THE LINK IS FORBIDDEN”. I HAVE ATTACHED BOTH THE RELEVANT SCREENSHOTS for reference..

    As a result, it doesn’t permit to proceed to step 5 for in person verification. ARE THERE ANY ISSUES BETWEEN TRADE SmART INTERFACE AND CVL verification ?

    REQUEST YOU TO GO THROUGH THEM AND REVERT ASAP ON REACTVATION AS THiS HAS BEEN THE CASE FOR THE LAST 1 YEAR. Request a support personnel to look into this and address the issue.

    THANKS & Regards,

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Hello Swathika,
      We tried reaching you today to resolve the issue you are facing. Seems you were busy. Request you to call us at 022-61208000, our team will guide you to reactivate your account.

    1. Sushma Shivanagi Article Author

      Our team has called you to understand the issue. It seems you were busy. Kindly call us at 022-61208000, our team will check and resolve the issue if any.

  2. Tushar Sawant

    Your webpage is not working on any weekend. I am trying to activate my account however webpage is showing “Please activate your account first”. When I am clicking on “Activate segment” link, I am getting same error. What’s going on? Your all systems are slow (app as well as webpage). I am really frustrated with the problems I am facing.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Tushar,
      Sorry you felt this way. We did not face any slowness issue. However, we would still like to check this on your machine. Our team tried to reach you but unfortunately, we were unable to connect with you. Request you call us at 022-61208000 or use our online chat support so that our team can take your machine on remote and resolve all your queries.

  3. Manoj kumar

    i am not able to re activate my account using ID and password send by you
    Plz send another to activate my account

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Manoj,
      Can you plz help us with the error you are facing? Request you to please call us at 022-61208000. Our team shall help you to activate your account.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hi Divyesh,
      We would request you to please try to activate your account from some other device. If you still face any issue, please call us at 022-61208000.


    Have, already infotmed u to close the acct. Since i was not interested in trading. Please close the same if it is mot yey closed

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Srinivasan,
      We’re sorry to know you want to close your account. In case if you have any issues, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. To close the account, you are required to courier us the dully filled account closure form. As per our record, we have not received the closure letter. Kindly call us at 022-61208000 for more details.

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