In case of other banks you can transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS to our bank account. For NEFT/RTGS details of our account please refer to our Fund Transfer page.

You could also deposit funds into your trading account by cheque. Bank details required for NEFT/RTGS & for depositing cheque is available here.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Arun,
      Sorry for delayed reply. Your transfer of Rs.7000 has already been credited to your account on 19th March 2020 itself. Kindly check your ledger to confirm the same.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Pratik
      You do not get direct money for your trading in your trading account. However, we have MAS(Margin Against Shares) facility in which you will get higher intraday exposure for your trading. Ex: Let’s assume you have 1 lac cash and 5 lacs holdings (After haircut of 20%, the value of holding/collateral will be 4 lac). You will get extra 1.5 times of cash for your trading from collateral value i.e you will get trading limit of 250000 [100000 cash + (1.5*100000)from holdings/collateral]. Kindly refer our blog for more information.

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