Nykaa IPO

FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd.

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Issue Price

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Listing Price

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+₹876.00 (+77.87%)

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Bidding Dates

28 Oct - 01 Nov '21

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Min. Investment

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₹1085 - ₹1125

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Issue Size

2,874 Cr

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  • Retail Individual Investor
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  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

Serving as a profitable unicorn, Nykaa is set to use funds generated from the IPO to invest in its subsidiaries. These include FSN brands along with Nykaa Fashion. New retail stores will also be invested in apart from new warehouses. Repayment or prepayment will be issued against the borrowings made by the company in part if not in entirety.

Why should you invest in FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd. IPO?

Unlike other start-ups, Nykaa has proved to be consistently profitable. This is evident from its revenues from operations which amounted to INR 2,452.64 Crores for FY2021. This revenue indicates a jump of 38.10 percent from FY2020.

Categorized as a unicorn, Nykaa’s profitability sets it apart from other unicorn start-ups currently seeking to go public.

FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd. IPO - SWOT Analysis


Nykaa’s profit for FY2021 amounted to INR 61.94 Crores in comparison to a restated loss of INR 16.34 Crores for the previous financial year. Its EBIDTA amounted to INR 2.441Cr for FY2021, along with an EBITDA margin of 6.61 per cent.

Apart from its profitability, its capital efficiency and strong business model add to its strength. It also has a proprietary stack that has evolved with reference to present challenges and possible future hurdles.


Security breaches along with cyber-attacks pose as weaknesses. Furthermore, the dependency on reliable and secure networks and mobile usage along with third-party data centre hosting services and additional third-party providers potentially weaken Nykaa.


Nykaa has taken advantage of it having been well-received online and has begun to expand upon its offline, physical store presence. It currently boasts around 80 physical stores spread across 38 cities in India.

Taking advantage of the offline space to cater to additional clientele could further expand its client base.


A potential threat to Nykaa’s success is its dependency on the domestic growth of the online consumer industry.

The industry within which it operates is highly competitive and must be met with caution. Owing to the fact that it lacks control over the quality of products sold by its vendors, it can incur legal liabilities and reputational harm in case of authenticity issues and product defects.

How to apply for FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd. IPO?

You can apply for the FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd. IPO in these ways:

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FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd. IPO FAQs

What’s the issue size of the Nykaa IPO 2021?

Issue size of Nykaa IPO is 5,351.92

What are the Nykaa IPO dates?

The Nykaa IPO dates for Nykaa IPO is 28 Oct - 01 Nov '21.

What are the minimum order quantity and the lot size with reference to the Nykaa IPO?

Minimum order quantity for Nykaa IPO is 12 shares.

How will investors be able to get their hands on their shares?

Once the allotment process is completed, Nykaa shares will be credited to your DEMAT account.


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