You can use Swing API (more info) to choose a frontend of your choice. You may even write your own algo or use a third party application compatible with our API to place your trades. 

To use the API, you will need to create an app. Once you do that, you’ll get the below details which can be used in the application you wish to integrate with it:

  1. App id
  2. App Secret
  3. Pass Key

How to create an app?

  1. Login to Swing Trading app & Login with TradeSmart Client ID and Password. Open the side menu

  2. In the menu, go to APP CENTER
  3. Create a new app to allow connection between TradeSmart and the application you wish to integrate. Click on “Create New App”
  4. Enter the App name and App Description of your choice for your reference and Submit
  5. Once you create the app, you will get 3 pieces of information from here to store in your app.
    1. App Id
    2. App Secret key
    3. Pass Key

      This information has to be stored in the application you wish to integrate and can be used until you delete the app from

Please note:

  1. The App secret key and the pass key will be shown to you only once. In case you lose it, please generate a new app.
  2. TradeSmart works with a token which is valid only for 1 day. So, you have to login everyday morning to TradeSmart mobile app or the Swing Web app to be able to place trades using the API.

Please click here to find your perfect trading partner with the TradeSmart.

In case you wish to delete the app, please visit the APP CENTER at and it can be deleted from there.


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