Generally we observe that we start receiving calls when we inquire or open an account with any of the financial services provider. Kindly note that Trade Smart does not share any data with any unauthorized party. There are various places they may get these details from. For example,

  1. Mobile Apps which ask to read your SMS
  2. Mobile Apps that ask to read your Contacts may share your contacts with a third party
  3. SMS service providers used by the service provider, Exchanges, Depositories Mutual Funds etc
  4. There are companies that do analysis of the SMS sent by various telecom operators. Based on the SMS content, they profile the owners of the phone number in terms of their interest. These contacts can then be bought by the spammers.

To stop the spam calls you may follow the below procedure.

As soon as you receive call, report it to TRAI by sending SMS to 1909, within 24 hours of the promotional call received. This registers your number in Do Not Disturb list. It would require one week after registration to activate DND for your number.  Alternatively, you can call 1909 and use the IVRS, to register for DND.

The format of SMS is “<Brief description>, <Name/No.>, <Date>” (send within 24 hrs, else it won’t register)

Ex:  Share Market Tips, HM-ABANAA, 21/06/2019

      Personal loan, 9824157855, 18/04/19

As per the rules, your network operator has to report your SR number to TRAI. TRAI will take action on the telemarketer via his network provider. You would get SMS confirmation from your telecom service provider with an SR number.

You may also download TRAI DND 2.0 application and immediately report about the call or SMS you receive.

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