1. Priyanka

    सिल्वर और गोल्ड को होल्डिग में अधिकतम कितने दिन तक रख सकते है

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Priyanka,
      The Gold and Silver contracts can be held till its expiry. For eg, if you are holding Gold contract of July 2021 expiry then you can hold till July 2021. After that if you want to continue holding then you have to close the July 2021 contract and enter into new further contracts (This is called as rollover). If you do not rollover your position then your contract shall be expired by the exchange automatically during the expiry.

  2. Trade Smart Online

    Hello Sunil,
    1) You can keep your shares in demat form.

    2) You can trade in BSE as well. There is a charge of Rs.500 per certificate for materialization. Please refer the link. http://help.tradesmartonline.in/where-can-i-find-a-list-of-all-the-charges-applicable/
    To know more about trading fees, please go through the link. http://help.tradesmartonline.in/what-are-your-brokerage-charges/
    You may opt for 0.7 paise plan if your trading volume is very low.

    3) You can refer the above link for list of all other charges. You may also refer the below link for statutory charges.

  3. Sunil Shegaonkar: N R I status

    I want to know what services you can give from this list:

    1. Holding shares in Demat form

    2. Trading shares/ stock on BSE. And Let us know trading fees, monthly if any
    I have stock from BSE in paper form. I want to demat them.

    My trading activity is very little, up to 24 trades per year. You can advise the suitable account for me, which is cheap to maintain.

    Pl write to me informing me about:

    1 Account opening fee:

    2 Account maintenance fee:

    3 Trading fee flat rate:

    4 Trading charges monthly basis:


    Sunil Shegaonkar.

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