Trading Webinar Classes with Prateek Singh

November 13, 2017 Trade Smart Updates 2 min read
Trading Webinar Classes with Prateek Singh

Trade Smart Online is conducting a series of Stock Trading Webinars with Prateek Singh, where he’ll be sharing the basic knowledge about online trading in stock market. So far, the series is well applauded by the audience. Prateek’s unique way of presenting a complex stock trading situation in the simplest way possible has been the highlight of the series. Trade Smart Online is planning to continue the series and take it to the next level with Advanced Stock Trading Webinar Classes. The Advanced series will take a deep dive in real intraday trading scenarios and explore trading strategies that could be implement for higher profits.

Webinar on Basics of online trading with Prateek Singh

Introducing Prateek Singh

It is said that if one allows his or her passion to become their purpose then one day it will become their profession. Prateek Singh is the quintessential example of someone living his passion.
From a young age, Prateek discovered his calling was stock trading. Educating himself, while he traded Prateek, is today a successful young trader with over 11 years in stock trading. Though young in age Prateek’s maturity can be seen from the fact that he takes a non-profit day as a cost of doing business.
A systems trader to the core Prateek’s follows the maxim that ‘Trades don’t make money, systems do.

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“Trading and investing is actually quite boring, it involves tremendous discipline because you have to take the same trades, same exits and the same position sizing rules every single day without wavering. Find a system, stick to it for a few months and you will be profitable. It’s in our nature to tweak and change systems based on recent events, that behaviour will kill you.”

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Like all professional traders, Prateek has had his share of good days and bad ones. Meeting with success in early trading days, Prateek too blew up his account only to regain and flourish.This is what Prateek has to say about his first year of trading during the eventful period of 2007 crash. “Back then I had shorted contracts in Nifty and my capital of Rs 50,000 had tripled to Rs 150,000. To be honest, it was exhilarating. Then gradually over a six month period, I lost all the gains over many small losses. I realised that one great trade isn’t what we should be looking for. We need a system that can be traded over a long-term and make consistent quarterly profits.”

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An international citizen in every sense of the world Prateek who was born in Abu-Dhabi went through his education in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Da-es-Salaam (Tanzania). Being regularly on the move inculcated in Prateek that change is the only constant, a trait that helps him maintain his cool in a volatile market.

Prateek runs which aims to be the number one provider of financial education. He has been extensively featured in media with channels like CNBC and Zee Business soliciting his views. Prateek used to run a weekly column in Business World and has been featured in Yourstory, nextbitwhat and Exhibit magazine.

We will be coming back with few more basic and advanced webinars in association with Prateek very soon. So, we request you to subscribe to our Blog and YouTube Channel to stay tuned to the upcoming webinar events.

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