TradeSmart’s First Post for all Online stock Traders

January 12, 2013 Trade Smart Updates < 1
Trade Smart Online First Post for Traders

Trade Smart Online wishes everyone a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year. With the start of the new year we proudly announce the launch of our Blog service. Blogs enable us to be more interactive as opposed to simply being informative as on a website –

As rightly said by Mr. Warren Buffet “Only when you combine sound intellect with emotional discipline, you get rational behavior.” Keeping this in mind, through our blogs we intend to cover:

● Golden rules for Smart Trading
● Vital economic events across the globe
● Financial market jargons
● Primer on Technical Analysis
● Latest products and development in the broking Industry
● Investment strategies using derivatives
● and lots more …

So, just stay with us as we bring you more updates.

  • TradeSmartOnline says:

    Premium paid for buying the option option will be set off with the option sold.
    Margin will be applicable only for the option written and will approximately be equal to the margin required for futures.

  • bhrashtpass says:

    How much margin will be required for this synthetic futures outlay ?


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