We are moving to a better automated infrastructure so you can start getting the benefits of your referrals without any hassles. For the new system to work better, we insist that you enter the referred friend’s details on,
This will make sure that the benefits come directly to you without any problems.

If the referred friend enters his details before you send them to us, we will not be able to map the earnings to your account.


  1. Harish

    Hai guys it is informed , this is worst referral scheme , I have referred one of my friend , as per referral scheme I have to get 500 , but I received 100 only , these people are cheaters, they put so many restrictions to receive full amount of referral. Instead of this use Upstox , they will credit referral amount directly without any conditions. They will give much money too.

    1. TradeSmart Article Author

      Hello Harish,
      Sorry to hear that you felt this way about our services. We sincerely appreciate your referrals and pledge to provide them with the very best of service, quality and experience. Please write us at [email protected] along with your client details and referred candidates so that we can check and assist you.

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