Mutual Funds

Kick start your learning experience with basics into Mutual Funds, understanding how to build a strong investment portfolio.


How to pick the right fund?

In this module, you’ll get to learn about the process involved in picking the right mutual fund for investment. You will understand the importance of keeping ‘goal setting’ as your first step in starting the investment journey and also how crucial it is to predefine the risk based on your appetite. After getting half way through this module, you will be able to evaluate a fund based on its performance and expense ratio. Lastly, you will also become aware of all the fee and charges involved in mutual funds and tax implications of profits earned from them which will help you in making informed decisions.

1. Defining Your Goals

A first step towards the beginning of the mutual fund investment journey.

2. Defining Your Risk Appetite

Learning how important ascertaining your risk profile is to choose a suitable fund.

3. Knowing About the Fund Performance

Evaluating the funds based on their performance to earn expected returns.

4. What Is Expense Ratio?

Heard about this a lot? Let’s decoding it in detail.

5. Fees and Loads

All about direct and indirect fees and charges involved in mutual funds.

6. Taxes and Its Implications

Made profits? Now what? Know everything about the tax in this chapter.

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