Mutual Funds

Kick start your learning experience with basics into Mutual Funds, understanding how to build a strong investment portfolio.


Types of funds

If you are an investor, you must have come across this disclaimer phrase “mutual funds are subjected to market risk”. Well, that’s true. In this module, you’ll learn everything about mutual funds from scratch. It covers all the basics of mutual funds, talks about a few advanced financial aspects, jargon used in mutual funds, parameters required to analyse mutual funds before investing, and about fund managers

1. Introduction to Mutual Funds

The basic information about mutual funds, understanding mutual funds, advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds.

2. Types of Mutual Funds

The classification of mutual funds based on their structure, asset class, investment objective, speciality, and risk.

3. Important Terms to Know About Funds

Every investor should know certain jargons in the financial world. This chapter covers various terms related to mutual funds.

4. Important Terms to Know About Funds (Part 2)

Whether you are an investor or a finance enthusiast, if you are studying about investing in mutual funds, there are certain jargons that you must be acquainted with.

5. Parameters to Assess a Fund

Before investing, it’s essential to analyse the mutual fund. Here, you’ll learn the list of parameters required to evaluate a fund prior to investing.

6. Does the Fund Manager Matter?

Fund managers’ role is to manage the portfolio of funds, and generate better returns. Now the big question is does their role make any difference in mutual funds? To know about it, read this chapter.

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