Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO

Krystal Integrated Services Ltd

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Issue Price

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Listing Price

Listing Gains

+₹80.00 (+11.19%)

Listing Gains

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Bidding Dates

14 Mar - 18 Mar '24

Bidding Dates

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Min. Investment

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Lot Size

Price Range

₹680 - ₹715

Price Range

Issue Size

285 Cr

Issue Size

Subscription Rate

  • Retail Individual Investor
  • Non-Institutional Investor
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

Krystal Integrated Services Limited was founded in December 2000, and it offers facilities management services, such as housekeeping, sanitation, gardening, waste management, pest control, landscaping, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, waste cleaning, and other services including production support, warehouse management, and airport management and many more. The business also provides catering, private security, manned guarding, payroll processing, and staffing. The company has provided services to 224 schools, 134 hospitals, 2 airports, 4 train stations, and 10 metro stations as of March 31, 2023. Some trains also had meals available. In 2021, the company provided services to 262 clients; in 2022, 277; and in 2023, 326. As of March 31, 2023, the business provided services to 2,427 client locations spread throughout 14 states and one Indian union territory.

Important Dates - Krystal Integrated Services IPO

Application opens on 14th March 2024
Last date of application 18th March 2024
Date of Allotment 19th March 2024
Refund begins from 20th March 2024
Credit of shares to Demat 20th March 2024
Listing date 21st March 2024

Why should you invest in Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO?

The business provides a wide range of services, including hard and soft services. Sanitation, gardening, landscaping, and cleaning are examples of soft services. Hard services include plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work as well as pest control, façade cleaning, and the handling of solid, liquid, and biological waste. They also offer a wide range of additional services, like production assistance, warehouse management, and airport management services, which include traffic control and multi-level parking. They also provide payroll processing, private security and manned guarding services, staffing solutions, and catering.

The corporation opened 21 branches as of March 31, 2023, in an effort to increase its geographic reach. During the Fiscal 2021–2023 year, the revenue from operations, total profit for the year (after taxes), and EBITDA increased at compound annual growth rates of 22.54%, 51.17%, and 34.56%, respectively. The company employed 31,881 people on-site in a variety of operations as of March 31st, 2023.


Krystal Integrated Services IPO Grey Market Premium

Date GMP
14th March Rs.35
13th March Rs.70
12th March Rs.90


Financial Snapshot - Krystal Integrated Services IPO

Check out the financial performance of Krystal Integrated Services for recent years:

Financial Year Total Assets Total Revenues Net Profit
March 2021 Rs 338.47 crore Rs 474.31 crore Rs 16.65 crore
March 2022 Rs 404.39 crore Rs 554.86 crore Rs 26.15 crore
March 2023 Rs 343.47 crore Rs 710.97 crore Rs 38.41 crore

Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO - SWOT Analysis


  1. Streamlined operations ensure efficient project execution.
  2. Proactive maintenance guarantees a superior built environment experience.
  3. A large workforce to tackle large size projects.
  4. Decades of industrial experience.
  5. Technologically optimised processes for results.
  6. Strong partnerships deliver tailored client solutions.
  7. Focus is on cost-effective, budget-controlled projects. 


  1. Limited budget restricts resources and technology.
  2. Small scale operations in-house facility services.
  3. Large unorganised market makes finding reliable vendors difficult. 


  1. Rising investments in commercial real estate.
  2. Growing government outsourcing for facility management.
  3. Infrastructure and industrial segments see increased investment.
  4. Complex buildings demand professional facility management.
  5. Public infrastructure and smart city initiatives drive demand.


  1. OEMs entering facility management services.
  2. Price remains a key factor in vendor selection. 


Krystal Integrated Services IPO Noteworthy Highlights

The business plans to fund the following items with the net proceeds from the new issue:

  1. Payback or prepayment, in full or in part, of some of the company's borrowed funds.

  2. Funding the company's needs for working cash.

  3. Financing capital expenses for the acquisition of new equipment.

  4. General company objectives.

How to apply for Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO?

You can apply for the Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO in these ways:

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Krystal Integrated Services Ltd IPO FAQs

What are the opening and closing dates for Krystal Integrated Services Limited?

Krystal Integrated Services Limited IPO will open for subscription on March 14, 2024 and close on March 18, 2024.

What is the price band for Krystal Integrated Services Limited?

The price band for Krystal Integrated Services Limited is₹680 to ₹715 per share

What is the minimum and maximum lot size for the Krystal Integrated Services Limited?

The minimum lot size is 20 shares.

Who are Krystal Integrated Services Limited Lead Managers?

Inga Ventures Private Limited is the Book Running Lead Manager (BRLM) to the issue.

Who is the registrar of the issue?

Link Intime India Private Limited is the registrar for Krystal Integrated Services Limited.

When will the Krystal Integrated Services Limited  allotment take place?

The finalisation of the basis of allotment for Krystal Integrated Services Limited will be done on March 19, 2024, and the allotted shares will be credited to investors’ demat accounts by March 20, 2024.

When and where will the Krystal Integrated Services Limited  shares be listed?

The equity shares of Krystal Integrated Services Limited are proposed to be listed on March 21, 2024, on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).



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