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January 25, 2024 Trading 4 min read

Navigating the complex puzzle of options trading can be scary. There’s a never-ending hunt for the ideal expiration date, implied volatility, strategy, strike price, risk-reward ratio, and more!

To evaluate, plan, and execute trades, options traders can take advantage of extensive and intuitive capabilities offered by InstaOptions. It can help you, regardless of your level of experience, make wise and lucrative choices in the options market. 

Let’s explore and understand how to use InstaOptions. 

Key Features of TradeSmart InstaOptions

1. Open Interest Trends 

Data on open interest can shed light on the direction and volatility of the market. By examining the variations in the open interest across various strike prices and expiry dates, you can determine the attitude and expectations of other traders toward the market. 

You can view the open interest data in an interactive, graphical format with TradeSmart InstaOptions’ Trending OI feature. By selecting the underlying asset, expiration date, strike price, call or put option, and percentage change in open interest, you may quickly filter and arrange the data. 

The trend lines and indicators that display the pivot points, levels of support, and resistance, are also visible. With the help of this function, you may more precisely gauge market sentiment and forecast its path. 


2. Customised Strategies 

TradeSmart InstaOptions offers a variety of pre-made methods that you may choose from and implement according to your trading preferences, whether you are new to options trading or want to experiment with new tactics. There are a number of techniques available to you, including income-generating, hedging, neutral, volatile, bullish, and bearish. Additionally, before putting any approach into action, you can view its specifics and reasoning.

3. Combined Premium Chart

Determining the possible profit or loss and risk-reward profile of your combined options positions, such as spreads, straddles, or strangles, is one of the difficulties of options trading. 

The entire premium paid or received when entering a combination of options positions is represented graphically in a combined premium chart. The net cost or income for the options strategy for various underlying assets (stocks, bank NIFTY, and NIFTY) is shown in this chart. 

You may quickly produce and see combined premium charts for any options position with TradeSmart InstaOptions, which will help you see your break even points, maximum profit or loss, and risk-reward ratio.

4. Easy to understand UI 

For both inexperienced and seasoned traders, TradeSmart InstaOptions boasts an extremely user-friendly layout that makes for simple navigation and effective operation. The dashboard is user-friendly and customisable, providing access to all features and functions. Additionally, traders can respond quickly to changes in the market using real-time open interest data for a variety of option contracts.

5. Strategy Finder 

Finding the optimal options strategy that fits your trading goals and risk tolerance requires analysis of the market sentiment and direction. Using your trend prediction as a guide, TradeSmart InstaOptions’ Smart Strategy Finder tool assists you in choosing lucrative strategies. 

You can select the trend type (Positive, Negative, or Neutral), and it will recommend appropriate tactics for you to implement. The payoff chart, risk-reward profile, breakeven points, maximum profit or loss, and other information are also displayed for each method. By using this tool, you may locate the best options strategy for your trading objectives faster and with lesser effort.

6. Analytical Tools 

You can improve the performance of options trading with the use of advanced analytical tools in addition to open interest data. Analytical tools offered by TradeSmart InstaOptions include OI Statistics, PCR Ratio, Option Chart, Payoff Chart, and Multi-Strike OI. 

You can access additional information and data about the options market with these tools, including the distribution of open interest across various expiry dates and strike prices, the ratio of put-to-call open interest, the historical and implied volatility of options prices, the payoff diagram of any position or strategy involving options, and the comparison of open interest across various strike prices. You can also learn more about alternatives, market dynamics, and behaviour with the help of these tools. 

For example, the below picture shows the PayOff Chart which can be used to make better trading decisions.

7. Efficient Order Execution

You can carry out your orders with speed and efficiency once you’ve identified and examined your plan. You may place orders instantaneously through TradeSmart InstaOptions. We are aware of the degree of volatility in option premiums during trading hours. The platform offers a fast order execution feature to help traders avoid slippage. 

Additionally, you can handle a collection of options positions as a single order by using the basket order function. A basket order enables the simultaneous entry or exit of several options positions as opposed to executing individual orders for each option contract within a strategy or portfolio.

In summary, the TradeSmart InstaOptions platform caters to all skill levels and is user-friendly. For options traders looking to simplify, expedite, and increase the profitability of their trading endeavours, this is the ideal platform. You can assess, plan, and execute your trades more easily and confidently as a result of its extensive and user-friendly features.

Open a demat account with TradeSmart to give it a try and witness the difference for yourself. 


1. Is InstaOptions suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, the platform caters to both inexperienced and seasoned traders with its user-friendly layout and features, making it suitable for all skill levels.

2. How can I get started with InstaOptions?

Open a demat account with TradeSmart to experience the platform and explore its features for simplified, expedited, and profitable options trading.

3. What’s the advantage of efficient order execution on InstaOptions?

InstaOptions ensures speedy order execution to avoid delays. Additionally, you can manage multiple options positions with a single basket order.

4. What makes InstaOptions helpful for options traders?

InstaOptions offers Trending OI, Customised Strategies, Combined Premium Chart, a user-friendly interface, Strategy Finder, and various Analytical Tools.

5. How do I use Trending OI on InstaOptions for market insights?

Utilise Trending OI to visualise open interest trends. Filter by asset, expiration, strike, call/put, and % change for a quick analysis.


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