Technical Analysis

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Technical Analysis is a procedure to forecast the future price movement by examining past price movements. It can help a trader or investor predict what is likely to happen about prices over time. It only helps anticipate future price movements and will not result in absolute predictions. Trade Smart aims to help both beginners as well as experienced traders with the introduction of Technical Analysis feature. This feature has more than 85 different technical indicators with 11 chart types. You can do the technical analysis daily, weekly or monthly.

Technical Analysis could be applied to Stocks, Commodities, Currency, Futures and Options or any tradable instrument, where the price of the instrument is influenced by the forces of Supply and Demand.

Its core principle lies in the fact that the price of the instrument reflects all relevant information with respect to the respective instrument. A technical analyst therefore looks at the past trading pattern of the instrument rather than looking at the external factors like news, economics or fundamentals.

The technique uses various chart patterns and indicators to identify trends as well as the changes happening in those trends. Trend or reversal in trend could be identified with the help of patterns like Head & Shoulders, Rectangle, Triangle, Flag or through indicators like MACD, RSI or Bollinger bands, etc. It is an interactive tool, which not presents you the past data, but also brings it in an easy to use analysis format.

Introduction to Technical Analysis – Tutorial

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