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Algorithmic Trading Software in India

TradeSmart in association with Reliable Software brings to you a next-gen application, FOX Trader. FOX Trader, an amalgamation of the best of technology with pin point precision. As a part of our association, our clients can avail this futuristic app on a FREE 15 days trial basis.

What is Algorithmic trading trying to address?

1) Traditional traders maintain non-connected work-stations for Technical Analysis and Order Management.
2) Whenever a trading signal triggers in the charting platform, traders place an order manually.
3) For frequent day-traders, this is error-­prone, time-consuming and, a needless duplication of efforts.
4) Also, if multiple orders are triggered from one or more trading strategies, the same cannot be handled effectively in real-­time.

How does FOX Trader help in trading?

Fox Trader is equipped with almost all the features you would expect from a modern trading platform like Chart Analysis, Technical indicators, Live Tick Screening, Algorithm designing, Executing semi- automated orders, Generating trade signals etc. You don’t need to worry about separate data-feeds or third party terminal plugins, all the connectivity comes built in on the Fox Trader.

Fox Trader makes life a lot easier by providing a turnkey solution for Retail Traders in India.

How does Algorithmic Trading helps in addressing in day-to-day trading needs?

1) A bird’s eye view of the performance of the market with a specific look into the market indices
2) Get regular alerts about the performance of the selected stocks
3) It not only helps you derive a strategy but also fine tune it to the changing requirements.
4) Real-time execution in case of multiple trade order signals triggering at the same time, which cannot be handled manually.

Special Offer for TradeSmart Customers

TradeSmart customers get a FREE 15 days trial of the app.

Click here to download the FoxTrader setup and follow the self-explanatory installation steps.

How to get FOX Trader’s Trial Subscription?

If you are a TradeSmart Customer, you can explore the benefits of FOX Trader for the first 15 days by using the free trial.

Below are the steps of availing free subscription:

1) Download FOX Trader

2) Use your TradeSmart’s User ID and name to login.

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For further information and videos on features that are integrated in FoxTrader please visit here.

Get Support on anything related to FoxTrader @ 022 – 62858700 / 40918900.
You can alternatively send email to [email protected] for any issues or Technical Strategy construction.

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What is an Algo Trading app?

Algo Trading or Algorithmic Trading apps are smart trading apps that enable you to make smart share trading decisions and effectively implement strategies. You’ve got a demat account online as well as a trading account. As your trusted stock broker, we joined hands with Reliable Software to bring you a futuristic share trading app, FOX Trader. Utilise this innovative algorithmic trading app to monitor precise market movements for prompt actions.

How will algorithmic trading help in share trading?

Algorithmic trading gives you the convenience of automated share trading. For online share trading, the conventional approach of traders leads to duplicate orders when their Technical Analysis and Order Management platforms are not in sync with each other. Traders experience inconveniences due to errors that arise if more than one strategy gets triggered at the same time. Algorithmic trading gives you clarity with every bit of information that you need in real-time.

Why perform online trading with FOX Trader?

Being a sophisticated yet intuitive trading app, FOX Trader simplifies the trading process for you. It is loaded with features such as Technical Indicators, Live Tick Screening, Chart Analysis, and lots more. You can also execute semi-automated orders and create algorithm designs using the app.

Do I have access to external data sources through the app?

FOX Trader integrates third-party terminal plugins to extract data from multiple sources without the user having to leave the app.

Do I need a specific level of trading expertise to utilise Fox Trader?

No specific level of expertise is required to use Fox Trader. You may be a frequent Online Share Trading client or an occasional trader, the user-friendly tools in the app will support you to track market movements easily and successfully implement your ideas.

What are the market activities that get simplified for the user who utilises the algo trading app Fox Trader?

With the algorithmic trading app in your arsenal, you will be able to get a bird’s eye view of the market and dive deeper into the market indices. Devise winning strategies with the help of regular alerts on the performance of specific stocks and continue tweaking your ideas. Many a time, during share trading, multiple order signals come up simultaneously. Tackle those moments with real-time executions automatically.

Do I have to pay for using the algo trading app?

Yes. However, you can explore the app and take advantage of its benefits using our exclusive 15 days FREE trial.

Am I eligible to get the FREE Trial subscription?

Only the clients who perform online share trading through TradeSmart are eligible to receive a FREE 15 days trial of the FOX Trader algorithmic trading app.

How to get FOX Trader’s FREE Trial Subscription?

To utilize the FREE subscription, just follow the steps given below.
Step-1: Download FOX Trader.
Step-2: Login with your TradeSmart User ID and name.

Whom should I contact if I have more queries?

Talk to us about your queries related to FOX Trader. Call 022 – 62858700 / 40918900 You can also write to us about any issues or regarding Technical Strategy Construction via [email protected]