What is Cryptocurrency? Learn how to trade in the crypto world and understand the safe terms to know where and why to invest.

If you’re like most people, when you think of cryptocurrencies, one of the first words you’ll recall is ‘Bitcoin.’ That’s quite understandable, because although we have a large variety of cryptocurrencies today, Bitcoin will always be the original cryptocurrency. In many ways, this was the currency that introduced most people to the world of blockchains and digital assets.

Today, we’ll take a little trip back in time and trace the history of Bitcoin.


Blockchain Beyond Currencies

Blockchain technology holds great potential. This module helps you understand that. It starts off by tracing the origins of blockchains, takes a closer look at blockchains today, and explores the use of blockchains outside of cryptocurrencies. You also get to know some important terms about this technology, and get a peek at blockchain ownership, if that’s a thing.

1. The Origin of Blockchains

Tracing the origins of the newest futuristic technology we have

2. Blockchains Today

Where does this technology stand today?

3. Where Are Blockchains Used Outside of Cryptocurrency?

Looking at the true potential of blockchains

4. Terms to Know About Blockchains

Decoding complex blockchain jargon

5. Who Owns a Blockchain?

A closer look at blockchain ownership

6. How Can You Join a Blockchain?

The details about joining a blockchain

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