Swing is a mobile-based share trading app that meets all your trading needs in a simple, sleek and data-efficient manner. You can trade seamlessly, even when you are on the go. Trading is easy and quick with Swing, one of the best trading apps in the country.


Simple and minimalistic interface

The user interface of this share market trading app is designed in a simple and minimalistic manner. It helps you buy and sell, analyze, manage portfolios and more in a few clicks. The intuitive and dynamic design makes navigation extremely simple, even for the new investors. That is why it is the perfect app, especially for stock trading for beginners.

Comprehensive scope

One of the key reasons why Swing ranks as one of the best online trading apps is its wide scope. It covers all order types – simple as well as advanced (Cover order, Bracket orders and After Market hour orders)

Advanced graphical analytics

The app is a one-stop shop for technical analysis required for smart trading. It offers more than 80 indicators for analyzing and interpreting the stock market moves and trends. You always remain on top of your game with these analytics and take well-informed decisions.

Trade from Charts

With Swing, you always drive in the fast lane. You can place the buy or sell orders directly from the chart window.

Day and Night Themes

You can easily switch between day(light) and night (dark) themes in this online share market app. This facility offers sharper visibility (in tune with the time of the day) and better clarity while studying graphical analytics.

Other Features

  • 1Quickly check the derivative margin requirement from the margin calculator.
  • 2Online chat option gives you instant support from our experts
  • 3Super-easy and instant fund transfer through UPI

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What services are available in Swing?

Swing is a smart, innovative and dynamic market trading app. It is one of the best stock trading apps. With Swing you can:

    • Place and track orders
    • Monitor portfolio
    • Multiple market watch
    • Advanced charting
    • Fund transfer

Where is Swing available?

This share market trading app can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iOS users).

Is Swing free?

This share market trading app can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iOS users).

Is Swing free?

Yes. The app services are completely free for all registered TradeSmart clients.

Is this online stock trading app safe?

Yes. All the information and transactions are protected with advanced encryption protocols and highest level of security.