SINE – Mobile App for Stock Trading

Trading is easy, fast, safe and rewarding with SINE –the online trading app from the house of TradeSmart. Whether you are a trading newbie or veteran, your smartphone is incomplete without this stock trading app.Carpe Diem with SINE!
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Informative Dashboard

With SINE, you do not need to jump and toggle between multiple screens to get all the relevant information. You can monitor your orders, holdings, positions, MTM and Trading Balance on a real-time basis – all this from a single screen!

Advanced charting options

This share trading app offers powerful analytics through numerous chart types of various time duration along with 80+ technical indicators for analyzing and interpreting various stock market moves. You can also place the buy or sell orders directly from the chart window.

Options Chain

The Options Chain provides critical information (such as net change, last price, bid/ask details) to take decisions for the subsequent trading day. You are better prepared for tomorrow with this SINE feature.

Bracket Order and Cover Order

Cover Orderis a special facility which allows you to place an order while being safeguarded with a stop loss feature. Bracket Orders allow you to create a win-win situation. With this facility you can place an order with stop loss and simultaneously lock-in profit (if the market moves in the favorable direction). Both these features enable you to minimize your losses and optimize your yield.


SINE’s Scanners do the heavy-lifting job of monitoring the stock markets on a real-time basis. Examples include spread scanner, rise and fall, volume-shocker etc. Such advanced online trading features help you to interpret trends and seize the opportunities in the market at the right time.


This feature helps you choose the most favorable option strategy in different market conditions. So, irrespective of the situation, you have a winning strategy at your disposal.

Other Features

  • 1 It is a highly inclusive and User-Friendly stock trading app.
  • 2  Guest login will allow everyone to explore the various features
  • 3Markets which gives a quick feel of the markets with a 360-degree view of Indices like Nifty, BankNifty & Sensex
  • 4Create Multiple Market Watches with this online share trading app.
  • 5Options Calculator will help you calculate theoretical value and Greeks (delta, alpha, gamma, etc.) of your option positions.
  • 6Easy monitoring of your Orders, Holdings, Positions, MTM and Trading Balance on real-time basis.
  • 7Watchlist that helps you monitor your favorite stocks and gives you technical insight about the stock including, the depth, OCHL, support and resistance level etc
  • 8Margin Calculator that helps you calculate the margins required by your strategies.

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Which stock exchanges are accessible through SINE?

With SINE, you can trade on NSE, BSE and MCX.

Where is the SINE App available?

SINE App can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android Users) or App Store (iOS users) without any charges.

Does this stock trading app support After Market orders?

Yes. SINE is equipped to place AMO (After Market Orders) beyond the market hoursbasis your convenience.

Can I transfer funds with the SINE App?

Yes. This online share market app offers the facility of instant fund transfer from twenty-eight banks.

What are the technical tools available in SINE?

SINE offers 80+ technical indicators (such as Moving Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands, etc.). This stock trading app also has the advanced snap quote feature which shows Futures quote, High-Low for various time frames,Resistance & Support levels Option chain, Put-Call ratio,etc at the tap of a button.

Would I get the information about the Top Movers with this stock trading app?

Yes. Real-time updates about the Top Movers (by volume, gainer and loser) are available on SINE.

Do I get access to corporate action details with SINE?

Yes. Such details (AGM, Bonus, Dividend,etc.) are available on SINE.