Dartstock is a Perfect Market Information and Analysis platform designed for Active traders, Dealers, Franchisees, Portfolio Managers, Research analysts and Fund Managers to make informed trading decisions.

It combines live data with advanced tools & functions and intuitive user interface to deliver unparalleled Market experience. It empowers the trader with Information and tools that help spot opportunities and capitalize on them

Catch the Big Trades with All Market Time & Sales

Scans the Market for trades and filters them based on user specified thresholds of Quantity and/or Traded Value. It Can Further be filtered by an Index or Sector or user created Watchlist Group

Live Scanner

Scans the Market for scrips making new highs and lows for the day, 5 day, 1 month, 2 months, 52 Week and nearing 52 weeks.

Trend Scanner

Scans the Market for scrips based on various parameters like:

  • Open Gap up and Gap down %
  • Crossing % above and below previous close
  • Crossing % above and below previous high
  •  Crossing % above and below14/50/100/200 DMA
  • Breaching pivot point
  • Breaching Support and Resistance Level1 & Level2
  • Crossing above and below open and average Price
  • Change in OI: < (-X %) and => (X %)

Resistance & Support Watch

Scrips breaching Resistance or support levels automatically gets included in the watch list

Unusual Volume

Scrips trading up and trading down on unusually high volumes are shown in this list.

Intra-day recovery & Fall

Scrips that have recovered most from the intra-day low and Scrips that have fallen most from intra-day high can be seen in this list

Opportunity Finder

Scans the market for Scrips that meet a combination of any 3 criteria – LTP, % change, PE Ratio, Market Cap, T. Volume, Turnover, 1 Year Return, YTD Return, change, % within 52 wk high, % within 52wk low, % above average Daily volume.

OI Change Graph

Graphical representation of change in OI, % change in OI and OI across strike prices

Future Spreads

% Spreads between Near & Spot, Near & Next, Next & Spot along with volumes can be seen for all Equity Scrip in the Watchlist

Roll Over

% Roll over for all Equity Scrip in the watchlist is displayed

Advanced Charting Tool

It’s powerful chart provides:

  • Buy / Sell Signals/light;
  • Intra-day history and Historical Data
  • Continuous history for Futures
  • Aggregation by various Intervals for both intra-day and history
  • Intra-day Candle updating in Historical Charts
  • Chart Comparison – IDX-IDX, IDX-Scrip, Scrip-Scrip
  • Over 60 Technical Indicators & 10 Studies
  • 4 Different Charting Types
  • Charting Templates, Customization and more

Data Visualization Tools

include Heat Map, Market Dynamics, 52 wk Meter, Market Meter etc.

Other Features

  • 1Over 10 Predefined Dashboards to choose from
  • 2Customizable Workspaces
  • 3Pop-out workspaces and keep them floating to create virtually unlimited possibilities
  • 4% Stock Returns column has been added to watch list for 5 days, 1 month, YTD, and 1 Year
  • 5Over 20 EOD reports on Reversals, Breakouts, consistent movers etc. included
  • 6Market Information like FII & DII Data, Gross Delivery Data with OI, Bulk / Block Deals, Board Meetings, Exchange announcements, Market Turnover and more are also available.