Box is TradeSmart’s super-efficient client back-office. The core objective of BOX is to offer clients a delightful experience and make accounting and logging of trading activities simple and hassle-free.

BOX knows everything about your trades and can extract the minutest of details that you may need. The best part of BOX is its ability to present information in easy-to-read and simplified reports (rather than confusing charts).


BOX is your digital financial and trading assistant who will always keep you on top of your game!

Mobile-friendly approach

BOX understands that most of the clients are on the go for a large part of the day. But trading should not stop, just because you are not glued to a desktop or laptop screen. The USP of Box is its mobile friendly approach. It gives clients all the necessary details in a simple and sleek manner, which helps them make the right trading decisions, even when you zipping around being busy.


The dashboard gives you a sneak peek into your equity and commodity account, just as you log in. It shows relevant details such as free cash, blocked margin money, long option value, pledged value, etc


BOX generates reports which will you give all the necessary trading related details. For instance-

  • Ledger has the details of all your trading transactions.
  • Portfolio shows details of all stocks in the demat account and the cumulative valuation.
  • Trade Summary helps you to see the net gains or loss from a combination of trades.
  • Open Positions gives the list of all your open positions (futures and options)
  • P&L Reports show the total amount of profit earned from your trades.
  • Tax P&L Reports helps you for return filing.

Moreover, these reports can be download in multiple formats (pdf, csv, etc.) and printed right from BOX

Electronic – Delivery Instruction Slip (E-DIS)

The E-DIS BOX enables you to sell shares (up to a specified limit and only for delivery trades) in case you have not provided a Power of Attorney.

Payout and fund transfers

BOX offers a super convenient fund transfer facility to your trading account through UPI. Also, you can place a payout request and withdraw from your trading account from the same login.

Other Features

  • 1Set your TPIN used for call-n-trade facility, change A/c details online etc.
  • 2Bring family and friends onboard the TradeSmart platform, with BOX’s integrated referral centre. Along with good company, earn bonus from these referrals!
  • 3Check your referral status and the earnings from the same with the help of wallet report.
  • 4Help section at the end of every page to solve all your doubts and queries.

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From where can I access BOX?

BOX is accessible from the web as well as through mobile.

I have made a payout request. Can I make some modifications in the same?

You can make changes in existing requests, till the time the payout request status is showing as “pending”.

Can I place two payout requests simultaneously on BOX?

BOX will allow you to place only one request for a particular market segment at a time. You will be able to place another request once the status of the first request gets updated to “Processing”

How can I refer a friend or a family member to join TradeSmart customer base?

You can refer family and friends through the “Refer-a-friend” section. There is also a facility to invite your contacts from your Gmail account directly.