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Nov 2021
TradeSmart records 50% growth in trade volumes between April 2020 and March 2021 in Maharashtra

Mumbai: TradeSmart, one of India’s leading online new-age discount brokerage companies, announces that it recorded 50% rise in average trade volumes between April 2020 and March 2021 in Maharashtra. The company further marked a 31% growth in unique traders hailing from Maharashtra during the time period. TradeSmart hammers on the fact that the maximum numbers of traders in the customer base falls in the age group of 31-40 years. The percentage of traders in terms of gender ratio remained at 85% males and 15% females on the platform. However, a 50% rise in traders was marked within the 18-25 age group, with a 10% year-on-year hike on NSE Equity investments. During the same period, the company also saw NSE trading at a peak high with maximum number of trades towards Futures and options (F&O), while equity trades recorded 4% year-on-year growth compared to last year. The company expects a promising growth month-on-month till end of the current financial year.

Nov 2021
TradeSmart onboards Vidisha Debsarkar as Head of Growth Marketing to drive dynamic growth

In a bid to strengthen its leadership sphere to further enhance its brand positioning and awareness, TradeSmart - a new-age Indian discount brokerage firm onboards Vidisha Debsarkar as Head of Growth Marketing. At the helm of the company, Vidisha is responsible for heading the firm’s overall Marketing function with a rapid growth approach. Spearheading the core growth team and swiftly collaborating with traditional and digital marketing experts, she aims to streamline the digital and communications strategy to lead brand conversations in an integrated manner.

Oct 2021
This Diwali claim the golden trading and investing opportunity with TradeSmart, never before seen offers on opening a DEMAT Trading Account

In the festive occasion of Diwali, an age-old practice of Muhurat Trading performed right after the Laxmi Pujan on Diwali, marks as an auspicious beginning for investments. A one-hour window of trading brings with it a promise of a high performing Indian stock market every year. In this once in a year good fortune occasion, TradeSmart announces the best offers for its traders and customers to make the most of Muhurat Trading scheduled on 4th November, 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM this year. TradeSmart, a digital-first premium discount brokerage platform offers Free DEMAT Account opening plus vouchers worth INR 10000+ on popular brands for new account opening customers valid till November 3, 2021. With an incredible track record of profitable stocks trading and investing, TradeSmart declares an exclusive offer of up to INR 500 cashback to all customers trading on the Muhurat Trading window on 4th November, 2021.

Oct 2021
TradeSmart built a collaborative campaign #SmartAarambh to raise awareness on Muhurat Trading

In a bid to begin the upcoming financial year on a positive note, every year the Indian Stock Exchange market opens for one hour during Diwali – the biggest time to trade in the industry. The entire brokerage community comes together to trade after performing Lakshmi Pujan at this auspicious time which is relevantly called as Muhurat Trading. This year it falls on 4th November, opens at 6:15 PM IST and closes at 7:15 PM IST. A 50 years old tradition – a once in a year one-hour window, still not known by most Indians, is a lost opportunity to make smart money by trading enthusiasts. This is where TradeSmart’s bonafide Muhurat Trading Campaign #SmartAarambh comes into the picture to spread awareness and educate the masses on the significance of Muhurat Trading.

Oct 2021
TradeSmart introduces AI enabled e-KYC to facilitate seamless, error-free Demat account opening

Working on trust and reliability to minimize brokerage costs and improve user experience, India’s leading discount brokerage firm, TradeSmart, has introduced the latest e-KYC feature to enhance the entire digital onboarding procedure. A digital-first platform for discount brokerage services in the stock, commodity, and currency trading segments, the brand anchors artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to expedite the digital onboarding process with no scope for errors. As one of the first discount brokerage firms to introduce this advanced feature, TradeSmart brings forth a unique intelligent system for automated identity verification as per government-issued documents. By leaving no room for discrepancies and spelling mistakes in user documents, the feature has replaced lengthy and tedious physical verification procedures with an accurate process for faster activation of Demat accounts. In fact, TradeSmart enables consumers to sign up, complete the entire verification process, and open a Demat Trading Account on the same working day by leveraging cutting-edge tools. Our system scans through all the documents uploaded by the users and verifies the details by picking up data from authorised docs such as Aadhar Card and PAN Card copies. Secondly, it uses real-time selfies authenticate and compare the customer’s picture with official documents. On introducing the new process, Vikas Singhania, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TradeSmart, said, “Even before the pandemic disrupted our lives, the world was changing drastically. And, if we are to survive in this fast-paced world, we must evolve with it. At TradeSmart, we are thrilled to take the lead in introducing automated verification in the discount brokerage ecosystem. We firmly believe that this will expedite the accuracy, speed, and scalability of the digital onboarding procedure cost-effectively. As opposed to physical or manual verification, automatic and digital verification procedures mitigate the possibility of errors while also accelerating the entire process.” He further added, “The improved e-KYC is already live, and it can automatically verify documents, and complete face recognition steps, all within a few seconds. We believe that with this added value, we will be able to open more accounts and provide a better experience to the users coming on to our platform. Understanding the pain points of consumers and the needs of a digitally enabled world, TradeSmart strives to constantly innovate and make trading an easy and simple process.”

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