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We believe everything big starts really small but at the same time, volumes matter a lot. So we have designed our stock broking services to suit all types of traders and all types of online trading. You think of it and we are sure we would have thought about it already.Here is a list of all that we have to offer.

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Online trading has never been better, faster and cheaper than it is at Trade Smart online. With solutions for stocks, futures and options, currencies and commodities trading, we become a one-stop-solution for all your online trading needs at the best brokerage plans across all online trading companies. With our discount brokerage plans that fit all needs of traders of all types, we are sure you will find the right fit for yourself. We provide online trading services for Stocks, Futures and Options, Currency and Commodities.

We provide online trading services for Stocks, Futures and Options, Currency and Commodities
More than just online tradingd

Trade Smart Online is a depository participant of Central Depository Services India Ltd. (CDSL) since 2003. Being a member of CDSL, we facilitate holding of securities in the electronic form .

Advantages of being a Depository Participant(DP)

  • Having a demat account linked to your Trade Smart Online account makes the complete process clutter free for you. Every time you sell shares, you need not send the DIS to your DP for pay-in.
  • You also get the added benefit of a faster account opening when the demat account is linked to your Trade Smart account

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