Star Health And Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd.

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Issue Price

Listing Price


Listing Price

Listing Gains

-₹51.20 (-5.69%)

Listing Gains

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Bidding Dates

30 Nov - 02 Dec '21

Bidding Dates

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Min. Investment

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Lot Size

Price Range

₹870 - ₹900

Price Range

Issue Size

6,188 Cr

Issue Size

Subscription Rate

  • Retail Individual Investor
  • Non-Institutional Investor
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

With a market share of 15.8% in the financial year 2021, Star Health and Allied Insurance Company is one of India's top private health insurers. The company focuses mostly on the retail health insurance industry. It provides a variety of flexible and comprehensive coverage choices for retail health, group health, personal accident, and international travel.

Financial Snapshot - Star Health And Allied Insurance Company Ltd IPO

The company's total assets, revenues, and profits during the last three years are shown below.

  • Particulars
    Amount in INR millions
    Amount in INR millions
    Amount in INR millions
    Quarter Ending
  • Total Assets
  • Revenues
  • Profit After Tax
  • Profit %

Star Health Insurance IPO Dates

  • Application opens on
    Nov 30, 2021
  • Last date of application
    Dec 2, 2021
  • Date of allotment
    Dec 7, 2021
  • Refund begins from
    Dec 8, 2021
  • Stocks get credited in DEMAT A/C on
    Dec 9, 2021

Why should you invest in Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO?

Here are some of the positive aspects of this business.

  • The company is one of India's largest private health insurance providers. The company's retail health section is appealing. It also has one of India's largest health insurance hospital networks.

  • In FY2021, Star Health was nearly three times the size of the next largest competitor in the retail health insurance market.

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is the company's backer. Jhunjhunwala's stock investments are regarded as one of the finest bets among stock market investors.

  • The company's expenses are only 29% of total premiums paid, which is the lowest among India's standalone health insurance providers.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO - SWOT Analysis


Star Health has many Individual agents, in particular, and has a large distribution reach. The collaborations with multiple hospitals throughout the country and they do have proven exceptional leadership


Star Health does have a higher concentration of revenue on a single product, which could be risky. The amount of money needed is enormous.


With only 3% of the population covered by individual schemes, this market is severely underserved. The digitization of health records would allow for quicker access and a more efficient claims process. Health insurance applications are being processed more efficiently, thanks to new technology.


In this segment, there is a lot of competition. Another pandemic might have a serious impact on profits. Given the severe competition, pricing in the Group category remains a difficulty.

A competitive analysis

  • The company is one of India's major private health insurance firms, with a stronghold in the lucrative retail health category.

  • In the health insurance industry, the company has the largest network distribution.

  • It offers a wide range of items, with an emphasis on innovation and specializedproducts.

  • It has a solid risk management system in place, as well as a high claims ratio and excellent client service

  • It has a proven track record of operational and financial success.

How to apply for Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO?

You can apply for the Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO in these ways:

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Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd. IPO FAQs

What are the IPO dates for Star Health?

The IPO for Star Health Insurance will begin on November 30th and end on December 2nd, 2021.

What is the IPO price of Star Health Insurance?

The price range for the IPO is Rs 870 to Rs 900 per share. Employees of the company would receive a discount of Rs 80 per share.

What is the IPO Lot Size for Star Health?

The lot size for the Star Health IPO is 16 shares, which means that investors must apply for a minimum order quantity of 16 shares.

What is the minimum amount required to subscribe to the Star Health Initial Public Offering?

Investors must apply for a minimum of 16 shares at the lower price band of Rs 870 per share. In this situation, the minimum amount would be 16 x 870 = Rs 13,920.


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