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HP Adhesives Ltd.

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Issue Price

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Listing Price

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+₹45.00 (+16.42%)

Listing Gains

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Bidding Dates

15 Dec - 17 Dec '21

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Min. Investment

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Lot Size

Price Range

₹262 - ₹274

Price Range

Issue Size

120 Cr

Issue Size

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  • Retail Individual Investor
  • Non-Institutional Investor
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

One of the prominent adhesives and sealants manufacturing companies in India - HP Adhesives Limited, offers a wide range of products. It is a flagship company of the HP Group. They manufacture consumer adhesives and sealants such as PVC solvent cement, PVA adhesives, synthetic rubber adhesive, silicone and acrylic sealant, gasket shellac, PVC pipe lubricants, etc. These products have applications in multiple industries like plumbing and sanitary, general-purpose construction, woodwork, automotive, foam-furnishing and many more. Ancillary products like ball valves, thread seals and FRP products for drainage and architectural solutions are also offered by HP Adhesives Limited.

Why should you invest in HP Adhesives Ltd. IPO?

Here are some positive aspects of the company to consider while thinking about investing in HP Adhesive IPO.

  • The number one solvent cement manufacturing company in Asia.

  • It has over 35 years of working experience in the field.

  • More than 25 innovative consumer adhesives and sealant products are manufactured by the company.

  • HP Adhesives has a financial turnover of more than $15 million.

  • A yearly manufacturing capacity of 15400+ metric tons with a huge customer base.

Financial Snapshot

The total assets, revenues, and profits of HP Adhesives Limited during the last three years are shown below.

  • Financial Year
    Total Revenue
    Total Assets
    Profit After Tax
  • March 2021
    INR 123.87 Crores
    INR 89.778 Crores
    INR 10.05 Crores
  • March 2020
    INR 97.90 Crores
    INR 56.81 Crores
    INR - 4.67 Crores
  • March 2019
    INR 87.97 Crores
    INR 56.71 Crores
    INR 4 Crores

Important Dates

Here are some of the relevant events and the important HP Adhesive IPO dates.

  • IPO Opening on
    Dec 15, 2021
  • IPO Closing on
    Dec 17, 2021
  • Date of allotment
    Dec 22, 2021
  • Refund begins from
    Dec 23, 2021
  • Shares credited to Demat Account on
    Dec 24, 2021
  • IPO Listing Date
    Dec 27, 2021

HP Adhesives Ltd. IPO - SWOT Analysis


An expansive product range of more than 25 products like solvent cement, synthetic rubber adhesive, silicone and acrylic sealant and PVC pipe lubricants. Stringent quality checks are performed for both finished products and raw materials which enhances the reliability of the company. HP adhesives have an extensive distribution network with 864 distributors and own more than 45 stock points in the country and worldwide.


Employee count at HP Adhesives Limited reduced down by 9.4% in the past year as per a report. Such a rate of decrease in the workforce over a long time can leave a bad impact on the company's business operations and performance in the near future.


HP Adhesives products cater to construction and furniture. The proposed growth in the real estate sector due to the rising trend of working remotely, opens doors for more business. India, Singapore, and China have seen growth in the packaging and automotive industry. This could also prove beneficial for the company since their products have great use in this sector.


Solvent-based adhesives react with atmospheric nitrogen to cause respiratory problems. HP Adhesives’ primary products are such types of adhesives. Restrictive standards regarding Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) have been imposed as part of strict environmental regulations. This will limit the company from producing more of these products. The rising crude oil prices could also affect the company’s business since it will make raw materials expensive and hinder market growth.

A competitive analysis

  • A growing company with a wide range of products and an established brand name.

  • A diversified customer base including large players in the market.

  • Extensive distribution network across India and a strong presence in the international market.

  • Quality based efficient manufacturing set-up.

  • Well-experienced and knowledgeable management team.

  • On-going innovative product research and development.

How to apply for HP Adhesives Ltd. IPO?

You can apply for the HP Adhesives Ltd. IPO in these ways:

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HP Adhesives Ltd. IPO FAQs

What are the HP Adhesive IPO dates?

The HP Adhesive IPO will be open for public subscription on December 15th and closes on December 17th, 2021.

What is the Lot Size of the HP Adhesive IPO?

The IPO lot size is 50 shares, which means that investors must submit a minimum order quantity of 50 shares to participate.

What is the HP Adhesive IPO price?

The HP Adhesive IPO price is ₹262 to ₹274 per equity share.

Who is the Registrar for the HP Adhesive IPO?

The HP Adhesive IPO’s registrar is Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd.

What is the IPO Allotment Date for HP Adhesive?

The Basis of Allotment date for HP Adhesive IPO is on Dec 22, 2021.

Where will be the HP Adhesive IPO listed?

The HP Adhesive IPO will be listed in both BSE and NSE on Dec 27, 2021.


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