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Dodla Dairy Ltd

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Issue Price

Listing Price


Listing Price

Listing Gains

+₹100.00 (+23.36%)

Listing Gains

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Bidding Dates

16 Jun - 18 Jun '21

Bidding Dates

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Min. Investment

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Lot Size

Price Range

₹421 - ₹428

Price Range

Issue Size

512 Cr

Issue Size

Subscription Rate

  • Retail Individual Investor
  • Non-Institutional Investor
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

With a presence in Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, Dodla Dairy holds court as the third largest buyer of raw milk. Its daily procurement averages approximately 1.02 million litres. The diary company is responsible for selling retail milk along with dairy-based value-added offerings. Keeping in mind a CRISIL report, the dairy giant is understood to have the second-largest market presence across the country. This is with reference to private dairy firms and is a fact established as of December last year. Its overseas presence extends to Uganda and Kenya.

Dodla Dairy Ltd IPO Latest News and Subscription Status Today (Live)

The Dodla Dairy IPO dates opened on June 16, 2021, and closed on June 18, 2021, with the allotment date falling on the 23rd of June and the initiation of refunds happening on the following day.

When looking at the Dodla Dairy IPO share price, it fell in the price range of INR 421 – INR 428 per share. The lot size for the Dodla Dairy IPO listing was 35 shares.

Why should you invest in Dodla Dairy Ltd IPO?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Dodla Dairy’s IPO makes for a viable investment for a number of reasons.

For starters, its business model is well integrated with clear procurement, processing and distribution capabilities.

It has consistently grown over the past three financial years. This holds true for both its financial and operational holdings.

Dodla Dairy Ltd IPO - SWOT Analysis

Strengths –

The dairy company’s strength lies in the fact that it has well-defined quality and food safety measures in place. These come into effect at varying stages of the production process.

It has a number of diverse products under its Dodla Dairy brand along with the Dodla brand.

Weaknesses –

The fact that the company is dependent upon a large amount of raw milk each day serves as a vulnerability.

Milk can spoil easily leasing to products made by Dodla Dairy having a limited period within which they can be consumed.

Dodla Dairy’s subsidiaries, OPL and Dodla Kenya have each suffered losses in the past.

Opportunities –

Funds generated via this IPO can help Dodla Dairy forge long-term agreements with its customers.

Threats –

COVID-19 measures along with additional health concerns can impact the procurement, disbursal, and sale of milk.

If the milk is contaminated or the products are tampered with, legal liabilities can arise.

How to apply for Dodla Dairy Ltd IPO?

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Dodla Dairy Ltd IPO FAQs

What was the Dodla Dairy IPO share price?

The Dodla Dairy IPO share price fell in the range of INR 421 – INR 428 per equity share.

When was the Dodla Dairy IPO date?

The Dodla Dairy IPO dates were June 16 – June 18, 2021.

When was the Dodla Dairy IPO listing date?

The Dodla Dairy IPO listing date occurred on June 28, 2021.

What was the market lot size for the Dodla Dairy Limited IPO?

The market lot size was 35 shares worth INR 14,980.

What was the maximum number of lots an individual retail investor could hold?

The maximum number of lots an individual retail investor could hold was 13 (or 455 shares) worth INR 194,740.


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