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CMS Info Systems Ltd.

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Issue Price

Listing Price


Listing Price

Listing Gains

+₹2.50 (+1.16%)

Listing Gains

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Bidding Dates

21 Dec - 23 Dec '21

Bidding Dates

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Min. Investment

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Lot Size

Price Range

₹205 - ₹216

Price Range

Issue Size

1,044 Cr

Issue Size

Subscription Rate

  • Retail Individual Investor
  • Non-Institutional Investor
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers
  • Employees

About Company

In terms of the number of ATMs and retail pick-up locations in India, CMS Info Systems Limited is the biggest cash management firm. In India, the company installs, maintains, and manages assets and technological solutions for banks, financial institutions, organized retail, and e-commerce enterprises on an end-to-end outsourced basis.

Why should you invest in CMS Info Systems Ltd. IPO?

  • The company is a market leader with excellent foundations in a consolidating industry.

  • It operates throughout India and has a significant presence in developing markets.

  • Long-standing client connections have resulted in expanded business prospects for the company.

  • It is a comprehensive business platform that provides a wide variety of services and goods.

  • The business has a proven track record of high productivity and operational efficiency.

  • It has a highly skilled and experienced management team that has effectively built the company.

Financial Snapshot - CMS Info Systems IPO

The company's total assets, revenues, and profits during the last three years are shown below:

  • Financial Year
    Total Revenue
    Total Assets
    Profit after Tax
  • March 2021
    INR 13,219.2 Cr
    INR 16,118.1 Cr
    INR 1685.2 Cr
  • March 2020
    INR 13,882.9 Cr
    INR 13,327.4 Cr
    INR 1347.1 Cr
  • March 2019
    INR 11,593.2 Cr
    INR 10,927 Cr
    INR 961.4 Cr

Important Dates - CMS Info Systems IPO

Following are some important events and their respective dates of CMS Info Systems IPO to take note of:

  • Events
    Important Dates
  • Application opens on
    21 December, 2021
  • Last date of application
    23 December, 2021
  • Date of allotment
    28 December, 2021
  • Refund begins from
    29 December, 2021
  • Stocks get credited in DEMAT A/C on
    30 December, 2021
  • Listing Date
    31 December, 2021

CMS Info Systems Ltd. IPO - SWOT Analysis


In a consolidating industry, the firm is a market leader with strong roots. It has a major presence in emerging areas and operates across India. Long-standing customer relationships have resulted in increased commercial opportunities for the firm.


The IPO proceeds are going to be Offer for Sale (OFS), hence the firm will not get any money. Following the demonetization of currency, India has begun the process of digitisation. If the availability or usage of cash continues to decline in the future, it may have an influence on corporate operations.


It's a multi-faceted business platform that offers a broad range of services and products. The company has a track record of excellent productivity and efficiency in its operations. It has a management team that is highly competent and experienced and has successfully established the firm.


The pandemic has had an impact on business, and it will continue to do so in the future. A significant amount of the company's income comes from a small number of consumers. If the loss of such consumers has the potential to harm the firm, investors should study the whole risk factors included in the RHP of the IPO document before participating.

A competitive analysis

  • As of March 2021, the firm is India's biggest cash management provider in terms of ATM points and retail pick-up points.

  • Customers have been with the company for a long time, and there are future business prospects.

  • In the previous three years, the company has had consistent sales growth. Its earnings grew from INR 1,159.3 crores in 2019 to INR 1,321.9 crores in 2021.

  • In recent years, the company has seen considerable margin expansion. The company's profit margins grew from INR 961.4 crores in 2019 to INR 1,685.2 crores in 2021.

How to apply for CMS Info Systems Ltd. IPO?

You can apply for the CMS Info Systems Ltd. IPO in these ways:

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CMS Info Systems Ltd. IPO FAQs

What percentage of the CMS Info Systems IPO is allotted to each investment group?

QIB - A minimum of 50% of the available shares. Retail - Not less than 35% of the available shares. NII / HNI - Not less than 15% of the available shares

What is the minimum subscription amount for CMS Info Systems IPO?

Investors must apply for 69 shares at the lowest price band of INR 205 per share, which is INR 14,145. Similarly, for the highest price band of INR 216, the minimum amount to apply is INR 14,904.

When will CMS Info Systems’ initial public offering (IPO) begin?

CMS Info Systems' initial public offering (IPO) begins on 21 December 2021 and ends on 23 December 2021.

What is the CMS Info Systems IPO lot size?

The IPO lot size for CMS Info Systems is 69 shares, and the minimum order amount is 69 shares.

When will CMS Info Systems go public?

The CMS Info Systems Ltd IPO Basis of Allotment will be finalized on 28 December 2021, and the allocated shares will be deposited to your demat account by 30 December 2021.

When will CMS Info Systems go public?

The CMS Info Systems initial public offering (IPO) date has yet to be announced. CMS Info Systems is expected to float on the stock exchange on 31 December 2021.


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