1. Manikandan

    So many brokerage provide zero AMC demat . You collect amount by AMC charge and Rs.15 per stock also So please provide nil AMC charge. We are paying high demat amc charge.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Manikandan,
      Demat AMC is free for the first year. From second year onwards, the AMC of Rs.300+GST is charged. Whenever the shares bought and sold by you, we have to deposit and remove shares from your demat account. For all such maintenance the AMC is charged to your demat account.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Dhanu,
      Demat charges are changed for only delivery based transactions. This means, it is charged only when the equity stocks are moved out of the demat account. No demat transactions charges are charged for options trading.

  2. lakshman kothinti

    you will collect Rs.15/- for every transaction. Like that for how many transactions you will collect. If i was done 100 transactions in a year, then Total of my Demat transaction charges is Rs.1500/-. Other brokerage companies charges 200-300 per year only.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Lakshman,
      Demat transaction charge of Rs.15 is collected only once in a day for one company stock. Example, if you sell SBI 10 qty at 10am, 15 qty at 12pm, 30 qty at 2:30pm then your demat transaction charge is only Rs.15 for that day. If at all, along with SBI, you sell Axis Bank stock then Rs.30 is charged for both the stocks. This means, Rs.15 is charged per stock per day. As you said the other brokers charge on monthly/quarterly/yearly bases. And hence they do not show up in the contract note. In order to be more transparent we bill them on the day of the transaction and show in the contract note.

      1. Ankush Singla

        With reference to the query above, If I do not sell on a particular day then Rs15 are not charged?…
        And what are the Demat transaction charges if I hold a particular share for lets day 10 days??

        1. Trade Smart Online

          Hi Ankush,
          You’re right. We do not charge demat transaction charge (DTC) of Rs.15 if there is no delivery selling.
          DTC is charged only on equity delivery selling not on buying. You can buy and keep till any time, there is no DTC charged. But if you sell any delivery shares then on the day of selling you will be charged Rs.15 for one company stock. As we said in the above post, if you sell two company stocks in a day then the charges will be Rs.30 (Plus GST). Hope, we addressed your query.

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