We have partnered with Reliable Software Pvt. Ltd. to offer you a new revolutionary trading experience with sophisticated charting experience.

FoxTrader bridges the gaps in your trading experience by providing data analysis, back testing and trading under one roof.

As a promotional offer, you get 7 days Free Trial to use FoxTrader. Click here to know more on charges.

You can install FoxTrader by downloading FoxTrader setup. Follow through the self-explanatory installation steps. Fill up your details, select the active segments and login with your TradeSmart Credentials. You can explore it to the extent you like it to.

You can visit the youtube channel for various videos on features that are integrated in FoxTrader.

Get support on anything related to FoxTrader @ 022 – 62858700 / 40918900. You can alternatively send email to support@reliable.co.in for any issues or technical strategy construction.


  1. jeyevent

    Can I open Demat & trading Account with Trade smart online, and use Fox trader charting software to execute the buy sell orders?

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Jeyevent,
      You can open account with us and use FOX Trader software. Please note the order placed through FOX trader will execute on FOX trader software only.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hi Mr. Rao,
      In Sine mobile app, go to 3 lined menu section at the left side, go to markets, slide the pages to left side. You would see Exchange Message tab, click on it to get the messages sent by exchange. In case you are looking for any other messages, please let us know.

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