Cover order is a special type of intraday order which allows trading with higher exposure (limit).

In cover order, buy/sell order is automatically placed along with a stop-loss order in a single click. This can save a lot of time which is spent placing separate orders.

Since a stop-loss order is placed simultaneously while getting into the contract, the risk one is taking automatically reduces. Hence a higher exposure can be provided in cover orders.

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  1. shashikant

    I want to trade in intraday. For equity futures I am going to get 7x exposure for buying and for equity option selling/writing I am going to get 7x exposure, am I right? is this criteria applicable to Nifty50 stocks or all FnO listed stocks?

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Shashikant,
      Yes, we provide upto 7x exposure in intraday for futures and options writing. This applicable to all stocks that are available in the margin calculator contracts. Click here for margin calculator.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Yagnik,
      For Banknifty, you would get 1.33 times exposure in cover order (CO) or bracket order (BO). Ex: If you have Rs.100 cash in your account then you can trade upto Rs.133 in Banknifty options CO/BO. To know the exposures of all segments please click here.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Siddhant,
      Kindly let us know where did you login. MCX cover order is available in NEST trader and Sine mobile app but not in Sine web based.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Avanish,
      For equity cash you would get upto 30 times in cover order. For futures trading exposure is upto 7 times.
      Let’s take an example. If you have 10000 amount in your account then
      1) Upto 50000 idea equity share you could buy from cover order type
      2) The margin required for 1 lot of Idea cellular contract is around 70000 to carry forward the position. If you place order through cover order then, only 10000 margin will be blocked. This means, with the available balance of Rs.10000, you could buy 1 lot of Idea cellular contract through cover order.
      Kindly let us know if you still have any questions. Alternatively, you may also use our online chat facility available on our website for the instant support.

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