Intraday Orders get auto-squared off because these orders are created using an extra margin as compared to the available margin. Hence, it will get auto square off at the specified time. This avoids the margin short penalty if failed to deposit the funds.

Below are the Intraday Order’s auto square-off timings. You are not allowed to place intraday orders at or after the specified auto-square off timing.

   Equity/Cash  Futures  Options  Currency  Commodity
Intraday auto square    off time (at or after)  3.20pm  3.20pm  3.20pm  4.45pm 30 mins  before closing

Please note that agri-commodities are available for futures trading up to 5:00pm. whereas other commodities such as Bullions, Metals, Energy products and International referenceable agri-commodities as notified by FMC are available up to 11:30pm / 11:55pm.

Important Note:

  1. MIS, Cover Order, Bracket Orders that gets squared off in RMS auto square off system, will be charged Rs.30+GST per executed order. It is advisable to square of your intraday orders before the square off time mentioned above.
  2. Intraday Square of time can change as per the discretion of TradeSmart risk management.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Aniruddha,
      Crude Oil market opens at 9:00 am and closes at 11:30 pm (Mar to Nov) or at 11:55 pm (Dec to Feb). Currently market closes at 11:30 pm and hence the intraday timing is 11:00 pm.

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