You will have to square off your position before 3.15 pm. In case of failure to do so, Risk Management System will square off your order at any time after 3.15 pm if there are sellers available in the market. If no sellers available then it will be auctioned in case of equity cash and penalty will be levied. Check here how does auction process works.


    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Naveen Chauhan,
      In case of short sell with the upper circuit, the profit/loss depend on the market movement of that stock till the auction day. Ex: If short sold on Monday then as per T+2 settlement cycle, your trade will get settled on Wednesday with the auction price with the penalty. Auction price and penalty will be know on auction day itself. Penalty may vary from 3% to 5% of the highest price of the stock till T+2 day. In case if the stocks are T, Z or Trade-to-Trade group stocks then penalty could be upto 20%.

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