Please follow the process mentioned below to reduce login time in NEST Trader.

  • C:/>>Program Files>>Omnesys>>Nest3>>UserSetting>> You can find “CLR_DWNLD_SCRIPS=TRUE” in third row from the top.
  • Here, in “CLR_DWNLD_SCRIPS=TRUE” remove TRUE and type FALSE and the save the file.
  • After the edit it should be “CLR_DWNLD_SCRIPS=FALSE”
  • While logging in into NEST Trader, after you put the credentials and click on login, window will show the tick boxes for all the segments. You can untick these segments for the quick login that will not download the scrips again. Then you can click on “Continue”.

However, we recommend you to download all the scrip once in a day to know the latest listing of stocks on exchange.



    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Lawrence,
      Please follow the below steps for UserSetting. Please let us know in case you did not find the same.
      In the search field, search for %appdata% >> Omnesys >> Nest Trader >> User settings.

  1. Soham Mozar

    i have kept the nest trader on for like 30-45 mins still no NFO scripts are downloaded.
    And later the nest trader goes in not responding zone.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      There seems to be some net connectivity fluctuation issue. In case you face any issues, kindly call us at 002-61208000. Our team shall help you to solve your query.

  2. vedha sawant

    how to reduce login time in webgui of nest trader trading tool as well as how to extend log off timing even session is inactive.
    During login webgui ask lot of question which need to be reduced as it take time to trade.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hi Vedha,
      There is no specific setting for web login to reduce login time. It should not take much time for login. If still you find such issue, please contact us on 022-61208000. We will take your PC on remote and check.

      As per exchange guidelines security questions are mandatory to enter. We would recommend you to download our new mobile launch Sine which has very advanced trading tools. We are also working on to reduce login time in the new mobile app. Hope you like it.


    Why in any browser trade.vinfin. live trading option not comes. It show download java. Even java java downloaded but still can’t use live trading in browser.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      You are required to refresh the browser based login all the time if you want to have a live data. We know this could be a kind of concern. We will look into this if we can do anything regarding web live trading.

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