Yes, you can place an After market Order (AMO) 4:05 PM onwards for Cash and NSE Futures & Options and 5 PM for Currency Derivatives and 12 AM onwards for Commodities. On the next trading day, the orders will first get validated and then go to the exchange.

All the AMO orders of the scrips, which are allowed to trade in the pre-open market (9 AM to 9:07 AM), will get validated and placed in the market at 9 AM. Those scrips, which are not allowed in the pre-open market, will get rejected at the same time. However, clients can place the AMO orders for all the scrips (including non pre-open market scrips) between 9.07 AM to 9.15 AM. Those AMO orders placed between 9.07 AM and 9.15 AM will get validated and placed in the market at 9.15 AM.


  1. T Raghavan

    where can i find list of scrips allowed to trade in pre-open market or can i get an indication whether the scrip is in the list or not when i place an AMO order?

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Raghavan,
      Please refer to this link to find the list of stocks trading in pre-open session/market. Currently, we do not have a feature in trading application to notify the users about the availability of scrips for trading in pre-open session or after market order session. However, you may refer to the given link and plan your trades accordingly. We appreciate your understanding.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Omprakash,
      In case if there is a debit balance then it shall be updated as dues to pay to vns. Kindly let us know which report you are referring to.

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Omprakash,
      Please let us know the date and the rejection of the order. We shall check and update you.

  2. bhagavan

    where i can find AMO option while placing the buy request
    i have seen only CNC,interday,NRML,BO,CO where i can find AMO option sine app

    1. Trade Smart Online

      Hello Bhagavan,
      When you open buy order window in Sine app, at the bottom click of “More Fields”. Please tick mark “After Market Order” check box to place After Market Order.

        1. TradeSmart

          Hello Manmeet,
          Once you login to your trading app, go to order book and cancel the pending AMO order from it before 9:00 am of trading day.

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