You can build your own algo strategies without writing a single piece of code by using some of the other platforms integrated with our Swing API. You can also back test your strategy in real-time with historical data before going live. The back testing results will offer you deep insights into how your strategy could perform going forward. One such platform is called Tradetron.

Setup instructions

  1. Create an App by visiting and copy the App id, App Secret and Pass key. (Learn how)
  2. Sign up (Create a new A/c) Or Sign In (Login with existing credential) to your Tradetron account
  3. Click on your name on the top rightName bar
  4. Select Broker & Exchange Option
    Menu bar
  5. Change the default settings of “Paper Trading” and “TT-PaperTrading” as Broker

Default setting

  1. Click on Add Broker
    Add broker
  2. Select Broker – TradeSmart. Once you select TradeSmart as a Broker Name you will get fields like – App id , User Id, Password & Key. Please enter the values you had copied from Swing web app and Save
    Connect broker
  3. Add the above details and save

Now you are all set to start creating your algos. 

If you wish to know more about the features, you may refer to their Videos, FAQs or Strategy templates to duplicate. To check their pricing please click here. You may also refer to the Webinar done by TradeSmart with Tradetron.


    1. TradeSmart Article Author

      Hello Amit,
      Currently, we are not providing live market data using Swing API. However, you can use link to Excel feature to get the live market data from Nest trading application. Please refer to this article to know more.

  1. Deepak

    Nest becomes very slow after some time and needs to be restarted. Sometimes I need to do it every 15 minutes or so. I don’t face similar problem with either Zerodha Pi or ICICI’s TradeRacer platforms. Is there a way to speed up the application.

    1. Trade Smart Online Article Author

      Hello Deepak,
      We have checked the Nest Trader at our end. We did not face any issue and also no any other customer reported such issue. There could be issues in the connectivity at your end. Request you to please check the same.

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