Kindly go through the below points which list few of the measures taken by us to ensure the safety and security of your funds with us.

  1. We are a SEBI and FMC registered broker and SEBI takes action against brokers found indulging in unlawful activities. Our SEBI and FMC registration nos. can be found at the bottom on our website www.tradesmartonline.in
  2. The margin you pay to take a position is paid to the exchange and is not held with us or the broker. In fact the margin payment to the exchange is to be made in advance.
  3. In case you buy any shares, on receiving them we immediately transfer them to your demat account and do not hold them in our pool account.
  4. As per the guidelines, client funds are kept in a separate bank account and can not be mixed with the broker’s own funds.
  5. All our phone calls for trading are on recorded lines. So for whatever trades we place on the client’s behalf, the instructions from the client are recorded.
  6. Our company has been a member of NSE since its inception in 1994 and have seen various booms and busts.
  7. We have an in-house developed strong and robust risk management system.
  8. We do not give any of our staff members any incentive to make you trade more.
  9. Several times in a year a broker’s books are audited and inspected by different entities like (NSE, BSE, CDSL, SEBI, MCX, FMC etc). And they are very vigilant about everything.

Moreover, you may also read reviews about us on our Facebook Page and ask our clients for any feedback about us.

Below are certain important precautionary measures you should also follow to keep your Demat and Trading account safe and secure.

  1. Never share your user ID, passwords, OTP, or account details with anyone even if the caller claims to be an employee of TradeSmart. Sharing these details may lead to unauthorized access to your Trading and Demat account. Please Note – As a policy, no one from TradeSmart will ever ask you to share any such information.
  2. If you are a first-time user of BOX, please change the default password. Also, it is advisable to keep changing the BOX password at regular intervals.
  3. Check your holdings in the Demat account regularly.
  4. Do not click on any suspicious link received in your email or on your mobile.
  5. Please do not share your account access with any other person for handling your trades.
  6. Beware of phishing (fake) websites that look and feel like the login page of a trading platform. When using a web browser, only enter your login credentials on https://sine.tradesmartonline.in/userMaster/login & https://swing.tradesmartonline.in/#/ for trading and https://box.tradesmartonline.in/login for BOX.

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