Telnet 56690 in cmd (run as administrator) … telnet other ports as well.

Ports: -> 56690 – 56699, 56705 – 56707, 57030 – 57054, 56000, 65000, 64103 -> 60000 – 60039




  1. Rajkumar Jain

    Sir, your overall charges are very heavy.Please reduce otherwise I will see other broker. In the name of ibtnest your overall brokrage is too high.

    1. TradeSmart

      Hello Rajkumar,
      We are able to see your account is active in Value Trading Plan (0.7 paise plan). There might be some confusion at your end because, under the caption IBTNest, the Rs.15/order brokerage charge and the call and trade charge are included. Hence, you may find the charges are higher.

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